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Yamalink YZ250FX lowering officially in stock

The YamaLink 2015 YZ250FX was set for a 2015 January release, but the barrage of calls and emails (most from 250FX owners, a few from other link makers asking if our price would increase so their high prices wouldn't seem so crazy) kickstarted the release: HERE is the link to the link.

Your new YZ250FX is great, but it's tall and suspension can always be improved! We've added a grease zerk for quick bearing maintenance whether in the garage or at the races (some FX bearings are bone dry from the factory). Save money for riding, not replacing rusted bearings or broken levers from slow-speed tipovers! We made a small batch of blues and those sold out quickly. Black, though, is what most YZ250FX riders have been asking to ship.

8 year anniversary, first YZ450 and WR450 lowering link ad YamaLink

The first generation WR400 WR426 WR450 lowering link. Also lowering link for YZ400 YZ426 YZ450.

Friday, December 26, 2014

YamaLink's YZ250FX lowering kit

Based on our YZ250F lowering link & tweaked for the FX's shock & 18" wheel, choose either the link for short, light riders (1.5" lowering) or the link for aggressive, heavier riders/racers (RACE, less than half). YamaLinks give more traction, faster corner speed & improve plushness over braking bumps, rocks & roots that cause rider fatigue. Click HERE for more info.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yamaha lowering post of the day on 2015 WR250F test by Jimmy Lewis

The 2015 WR250F (yes, we make a lowering link for it) is thoroughly and objectively tested by Jimmy Lewis: Click HERE

And to read the ThumperTalk forum discussion about the test, click HERE.

Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 YZ450 lowering link question from Dylan

YZF450 rider Dylan asks "A quick run down how to install and how to set the suspension up for my weight would be good... My weight is 73 kgs and height is 165cm the conditions I mainly ride in is in sand do I need any other parts to install along with the Yama link or should be right with the stock set up?

Our reply: "The instructions that come with your YZ450F 1.5" YamaLink are super simple and give a few options for setting up. At your weight I'd start off with resetting the race sag at 96mm, turn in the rear shock's high speed compression at least 1 full turn and then turn in the rear shock's rebound 2 clicks. For the forks I'd slide them up in the triple clamps about 2mm.

Use that as a base line. Then see if your rear sag needs more or less (example: it could need one more turn for less sag at 94mm). And changes to the front fork in only 1 millimeter increments makes a noticeable change; there is no 1:1 ratio with the rear because changes to rake/trail (the front) effects your 450 geometry at a much different rate.

Friday, November 28, 2014

2015 YZ250FX off-road team

Yamaha announces YZ250FX and YZ450F off-road teams: click here

Thursday, November 27, 2014

YZ250FX Lowering link YamaLink almost done

The 2015 YZ250FX will have two YamaLink versions. Prototypes are built and being ridden. Hard!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WR450 lowering link to Italy? Shipping YamaLinks overseas

Paolo asks "do you ship Item # 1215WR450F?"

Our shipping answer: Yes. International shipping has two options. Info on our website reads:

Option 1: USPS Express International is discounted: $39.95 USD (Canada gets additional $5 refund) & we pay the rest. Average 6 days to most countries & has online tracking. We guarantee every YamaLink shipped Express.

Option 2: USPS Global Priority is discounted: $19.95. There is NO online tracking, no insurance, NO refund if the Global Priority shipment is lost. This option is purely up to the customer. Delivery can take 14 business days or more depending on your local carrier.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

KTM lowering link video of the day, Kailub Russell

KTM 150 racer Kailub. Great video with no annoying background music: Click HERE

Friday, November 21, 2014

lowering 2015 YZ250F with Race YamaLink

Southern California YZ250F racer Pat asked about setting up his Race YamaLink.

The YamaLink comes with pretty darn good baseline settings and recommendations for a few options for your weight. It's about resetting sag (start at about 96 or 98mm) and sliding the forks UP a few mm, and then you can play with high speed compression and rebound.

Lowering 2015 YZ250FX? Not yet. ThumperTalk thread

Not about lowering the 2015 YZ250FX, but a good way to pass time at work catching up about the 2015 YZ250FX Here ya go: click ThumperTalk thread.

Yamaha Lowering thread of the day: Do you lose travel with lowering link

From ThumperTalk: Click HERE

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

YamaLink post 2015 WR250F ThumperTalk video EICMA

ThumperTalk forum thread started by YamaLink about EICMA 2015 WR250F: Click HERE

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lowering WR250F for Paul with YamaLink

Lowering the WR250F for UK rider Paul. He writes "I'm planning to push the forks through the triple clamps (but look like their's only 15-20mm space available) & setting rear sag to about 100 mm with stock spring. Hoping that will work initially I'm around 180 pounds (without riding kit) experienced road bike rider but only beginning off road, planning to ride UK trails rather than tracks or jumps. Anything else I should consider for a base setting?"

Our reply: Paul, you'll notice the recommended range is 3mm to 6mm. Why? Changes to front alter the geometry at a much different rate than changes to the rear. Meaning: there is no 1:1 ratio.

For the 2003 WR250F you need a heavier spring even WITHOUT a YamaLink. The stock spring is set for a rider about 160 pounds. At your weight you'll need a heavier spring, also, with a YamaLink to achieve proper sag and balanced handling.

The stock spring rate is a 4.8kg. At your weight WITHOUT a YamaLink you need a 5.2kg or closest to achieve proper sag. WITH a YamaLink you need a 5.6kg spring to achieve proper sag.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2013 Yamaha Lowering: WR250F for Dale

I am anxiously awaiting the Yamalink for my 2013 wr250f. I do have a question on suspension set up. Your site says go with a 10% heavier spring and I am assuming that is for front forks and rear shock? I am going to upgrade valving and springs with RaceTech and was wondering when I use their chart if I should just "up" my weight? I am 190lbs should I use 210lbs for my spring sizes( forks and rear)?. Thanks in advance for your help!

For the 2013 WR250F we recommend a 5.8kg spring for a 190 pound rider without gear. Then reset sag per our instructions. Many find the YamaLink with heavier spring alone makes the front of the WR250F handle tremendously better due to less front wheel weight transfer. You won't be blowing through the travel as easily. I'd set the YamaLink + 5.8kg spring + resetting sag per our instructions BEFORE doing anything to the front.

Lowering Yamaha 426 2001 and 2002

Is the 2001 and 2002 the same? I am not sure of the year of this bike. Thank you.

You can verify the year of bike by the VIN that is stamped on the frame. 10th digit is year. The 2001 and 2002 YamaLink are NOT the same.

Yamaha Lowering Spring Rate: 2003 WR250F

I would be grateful if you can help with setting suspension and sag on my wr250 2003. I am a little under 14 stone and 5 1/2 feet tall.

The stock 2003 WR250F spring is a 4.8kg. At nearly 14 stone you need a spring of 5.6kg to achieve proper sag BEFORE a YamaLink is installed. WITH a YamaLink at 14 stone a spring rate of 5.9 kg or closest is recommended.

Yamaha Lowering Question: 2012 YZ125

I weigh around 145 pounds do I still have to install a heavier spring and adjust the sag after installing linkage kit and without adjusting them will I still get the lowering I want?

The 2012 YZ125 stock spring is a 4.7kg. At 145 pounds without gear + YamaLink the ideal spring rate is a 4.9kg to achieve 1.5" lowering at 100mm sag. If you do not want to get a heavier spring we recommend setting sag at 94mm stock is 100mm) which would give you 1.25" lowering (100mm - 94mm = 1/4 inch less) and following our instructions for high speed compression and rebound adjustments. For off-road and trail riding this setup would be very good. For pure MX we'd put on that heavier spring with a 1.5" YamaLink at 145 pounds.

Question: Yamaha Lowering WR250X from Ian

My wife just bought a WR250X. She's tiny... 5 feet tall. 28" inseam. 115lbs without gear. We have the Yamaha low seat coming along with your link. Seat = 20mm down. Factory shock lowering plus the link is 1.75" or 45mm. From what I have read and seen, if you turn the handle bar clamps around you can move the bars closer to the rider and make more space for the forks to come up. Could you please advise how far up we should take the forks?

Hello. Your YamaLink comes with instructions that give you several options for the fork raising. About 99% of riders start at about 12mm and then adjust up or down a few millimeters based on personal preference. It is 18mm maximum that we recommend raising the forks tubes; any more than that and there is a great possibility of wheel vs fender contact. There is no 1:1 ratio of front vs rear lowering because changes to the front effect the Yamaha geometry at a different rate than changes to the rear.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

2015 ktm 350 xcf lowering linkage with Kouba, ThumperTalk post

Someone posted a good question on ThumperTalk about lowering links and the 2015 ktm 350 xcf: click HERE

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

KTM 350 450 lowering link $150 free shipping (and Husqvarna) dealer Kouba Link

Starting September 1, 2014, we will be an authorized KTM and Husqvarna lowering link dealer for!!!

The Husky lowering links will include 2014-up Husqvarna 125/250/300/350/501/FC/FE/TC/TE.

KTM linkage will include 2011-up KTM 250SX-F/XC-F/350SX-F/XC-F/450SX-F & 2012-up 125SX/XC, 150SX/XC, 250SX/XC & 300XC two strokes.

Price will be $150 and include FREE priority mail delivery in the US. Takes about 2 or 3 days for the Kouba Link to arrive in your mailbox.

Yamaha WRF YZ125 YZF lowering link Labor Dale Sale

Until Monday, Labor Day. FREE US shipping and sale pricing on select YZ and YZF lowering 1.5" YamaLinks

Monday, August 25, 2014

Can you lower a YZ125 2014 with a YamaLink 1.5" and a YZ Race link?

Question of the day....

To whom it may concern: I want to lower my bike as well as continue to be as aggressive as I can(still a beginner). Can you use the regular lowering link with the race link to lower and maintain traction? Please let me know.

Our reply: No, the YamaLink 1.5" (aka the regular lowering link) does not work with the Race YZ lowering link. Just one or the other with the Yamaha's stock components.

Help with 2006 WR250F spring rate with YamaLink and 205 pound rider

Caller from California asking about spring rates, sag and maybe installing a YamaLink. Weight without gear is 205 pounds. Stock spring rate is 5.1kg. At the caller/rider's weight he needs a 5.5 kg BEFORE a YamaLink to achieve approximately 100mm sag. And with a YamaLink the rider needs a 6.0 kg spring for his 2006 WR250F lowering needs.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

What spring for 200 pound WR450F rider with YamaLink?

Good phone conversation with a 2008 WR450F YamaLink customer. He weighs 200 pounds withOUT gear. The stock spring for the 08 WR450 is a 5.8kg. At his weight - before a YamaLink - he needs a 5.8kg. And with a YamaLink he needs a 6.2 kg spring in order to achieve proper sag range and balanced handling. Without proper sag and spring rate the Yamaha will bottom, understeer, ride harshly on the small bumps and feel like a chopper. That is why our website and instructions emphasize resetting sag AND being properly resprung for rider weight plus the YamaLink.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Another YZ426 lowering link spring rate question

Today's question comes from a 190 pound rider (before gear) on a YZ426F. Stock spring is a 5.4kg and at 190 before gear we recommend a 6.0 kg for proper race sag and balanced handling.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What spring rate for 2002 YZ426F lowering?

Caller just asked what spring rate his 2002 YZ426F needs with our YamaLink? Stock spring rate is 5.4kg, and at his weight of 220 before gear he needs a 6.4 kg spring with a YamaLink to achieve proper sag and great handling.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Shipping Yamaha WR250R lowering link outside US? Of course

Email just came in, and we thought it was worth posting just in case someone else had an issue. Although we ship to Australia and New Zealand (and every other country except a few) everyday, if one person has an issue it's worth looking at.

"Hi. Just tried to buy a lowering link off your website but it doesn't allow for shipping adders outside USA. Can you let me know if you ship to New Zealand and how much total? Thanks."

Our answer: Complete shipping and checkout process for non-US Yamaha lowering link buyers can be found HERE: Click.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dan's 2012 WR450F lowering and fork height question with YamaLink

I understand that your link will lower the rear of the bike 1.5 inches, need to reset sag, re-spring, etc. With the rear lowered do you recommend moving the front forks up an equivalent distance in order to retain good steering geometry? I don’t anticipate a re-spring of the shock, since i’m significantly lighter than the typical 160 lb rider (145 lb).

Our reply: The 2012 WR450F YamaLink comes with super easy to follow instructions that cover everything from fork height adjustments to rebound & compression fine tuning in addition to the resetting of sag.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Richard's 2014 WR450F lowering and spring for 130 pound rider

I got my yamalink today thanks for the fast shipment. I am a smaller 130lb rider with a 2014 wr450 do you think I should re-spring? The directions are clear for 160lb and up but I am not sure about being 30lbs less factor. Stock spring seems heavy enough even with the 10% leverage increase. Could you clarify?

At 130 pounds I would stick with the stock spring. But reset sag at 100mm and if that is too soft set it at 96mm. Then follow instructions for the high-speed compression and rebound fine tuning of the rear shock. Then raise the fork tubes UP a few millimeters based on where your final rear sag setting is.

2001 YZ250F lowering vs 2002 YZ250F lowering

I have an 01 YZ250F and I want to order a lowering link. The problem is the ranges are 1998-01 and 2002-04. I thought the 01 and 02 YZ250F were practically the same bike. Which one should I order?

The 98-01 YamaLink is different than the 02-04. If you have a 2001 then order the 98-01, NOT the 02+ newer.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Can you lower a WR250F two inches? No

Yamaha WR250F rider writes "Hello, trying to lower my 2006 yamaha wr250f by 2". I need to know what part number to order."

Our answer: "The WR250F can be lowered 1.5". More info can be found by clicking HERE

Helping Stace lower the WR250R properly

"Hello, I’ve installed the Yamalink on my WR250R and honestly I didn’t notice ANY change in seat height. I’m not happy with the part, as I can still barely touch the ground on the bike and I should be at a height of 35” by now. The part has been used for a couple days and is undamaged but is there a way that I can return it for a refund? Thank you for your time, stace"

Our reply: Stace, The YamaLink gives an actual 1" lowering in seat height, and combined with the stock factory lowering you get 2" total. Have you done the factory lowering per this tutorial (doesn't take an hour, maybe 15 minutes):

Stace writes back: Dan I guess I didn't lower it correctly. .. just softened up the suspension enough so that it would squish down with my weight. With regards to the linked instructions: to lower the seat height, I ultimately want to unscrew the lower shock bracket that the bolt goes through, correct? How much do I unscrew it to reach maximum safety standard? It's not a 1:1 ratio right?

Our final feedback: "Hi. After you take the bolt and nut off, the lower shock block will screw UP toward your black rebound knob. It goes all the way UP until just before the lock nut makes contact with the rebound knob. If you make contact with the rebound knob the knob will not turn. The fewer threads you see between the black rebound knob and the lock nut = more lowering."

Jesse ordered a WR250R/WR250X YamaLink for his WR250F....bad idea

Jesse writes " Yamalink, I ordered a yamalink for my 2013 wr250 and there is no way the pin will fit inside the bearings. The site stated it was made for my year. The youtube video shows it sliding right in. Any suggestions?

Our reply: Let's pretend you confirmed your WR250 is indeed an R or X. By chance is a needle bearing lifting from the opposite bearing when you try to pass the pivot pin through? We pre-greased your YamaLink bearings, but maybe when you took the plastic bearing plugs out a needle bearing became dislodged or moved. Please check to make sure no needle bearing came out with the plastic plug when it was removed to insert the factory pin. If all needle bearings are in the bearing cage then go back to our suggestion of making sure a needle bearing doesn't pop up when passing the pin through.

Jesse writes back: "I have a 2013 wr250f. So Did I order the wrong one? If so can I exchange it?"

We knew it. Our reply: Sure, no problem. Return the WR250R/X YamaLink and purchase a WR250F lowering link.

2004 WR450F lowering and then resetting sag

Hi the Yamalink arrived safe today. I ride my 2004 WR450F on the road with supermoto wheels in it to work each day with it being use on the public road will I still need to re-set the sag on it? If so could you tell me the proper settings for the road I weight 159 pounds with gear. Many thanks.

Our reply: Yes, sag needs to be reset. The included written instructions sent with your YamaLink has the sag range options including fork height recommendations and fine tuning the rebound and compression.

Glenn's WR250R WR250X stock lowering 1", it's stuck?

Hi... I've read and re-read all I can find on the subject. I installed the yamalink no problem but when it came time to raise the stock block, I couldnt. I screwed the big nut up towards the knob adjuster and when I tried turning the clevis everything turned with it and it was very tight. Is the threaded shaft supposed to turn too or maybe it's stuck in the block with lock-tight? The clevis, the shaft, the knob and the upper cylinder with two flat edges, everything turns together??? Thanks in advance for your help!

The clevis turns UP after you loosen the big nut and spin that up. Sounds like you have the steps correctly. Your clevis is just super tight it seems. If you haven't seen this tutorial it's a good one:

Ron's 2005 WR450F lowering question and fork height

Ron writes "I see you have a product that will lower the rear of my WR450 by 1.5 inches. The front needs to be lowered as well, but I don’t see any comment on how to do this on your website. I judge that I can move the fork tubes up about 1/2-inch, but this won’t be enough, I think. Ron"

Our reply: Ron, Hello. There is no 1:1 ratio of rear vs front lowering. And as you stated there is not enough room to raise the forks in the clamps 1.5 inches anyway. Each YamaLink comes with instructions covering everything from resetting rear sag, proper spring rate increase for the YamaLink, rebound and compression fine tuning and the aforementioned fork height adjustment.

Monday, April 28, 2014

What are the chances of lowering Justin's 1997 YZ250 with a

Justin writes "Hi, I am currently browsing your web page in need of a 1997 Yamaha YZ250 lowering link as I am a short rider. What are the chances of being able to purchase one? Thanks, Justin

Our reply: Zero. We do not make a YamaLink for the 1997 YZ250.

2014 YZ450 lowering link bearings in the

Ian ordered a 2014 YZ450F YamaLink RACE, and wanted to desperately know, after paying for the link, if it came with bearings. The answer is YES. Bearings, seals and detailed installation instructions.

Can you lower a 1996 YZ125 with our YamaLink?

Maurice asks if we make a YamaLink for his 1996 YZ125. Every link we make is on our website so the answer is no.

Lowering Brad's 2008 YZ125 with two YamaLink options

Question: Hi how much lower in height does your product make it on a yz125 2008 model?

Hi. We make two YamaLinks for the 2008 YZ125. One is HERE and the other is HERE.

Bob Smith wants to lower his 2014 YZ250 two stroke with a YamaLink, which one?

Question: Do you sell a lowering link for the YZ 250 two stroke 2014.

Bob, Hi. We sell two versions of the YamaLink for the 2014 YZ250 two stroke. A 1.5" and a much shorter RACE YamaLink. Both are on our website with full description, specs and pricing.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don's 2005 YZ250 question, will the YZ Race lowering link for 2006+ fit?

I have a 2005 YZ250, will the Race Link lower the seat height?

It will NOT.

2002 WR250Z two stroke rider Richard from Australia has a question

Hi , Richard from South Australia here , I would like to purchase a lowering link for my wr 250z 2 stroke 2002 model ,and was wondering which I should purchase from your web site .i am guessing it is the same as one of the yz250 2 strokes, But which year range.

Our reply "Our YamaLinks will NOT fit a 2002. Sorry."

Monday, March 17, 2014

Stuart's 2000 WR250F lowering amount, NOT the WR250R WR250X

Stuart writes "It lowers the WR 2 inches. Correct? As there is a few conflicting blogs on Thumper Talk."

You must be mistaking the 2008+ newer WR250R/X for the 2 inches. Your 2000 WR250F lowering is 1.5" when properly resprung and reset sag: Click for more info.

2008 WR250F lowering versus Yamaha 2006 YZ125 for Monique?

I have a yamalink on my 2008 wr250f. Will this same link fit a 2006 yz125? Also, I seem to remember when I got my link it was the ‘old’ style. (It does have grease zerks) Are the new ones the same lowering distance?

Our reply: Monique, The new ones have a completely different leverage ratio and lowers the rear 1.5 inches instead of 1.75 inches. We tested both on many local riders, and sent a few out to forum members, and the overwhelming consensus was the new YamaLink was head and shoulders better in plushness, controlled rebound, bigger hit capability and ease of setup with a wider range of sag.

The old and new will fit the same bike, but sag setup and compression + rebound are also completely different. Spring rates will also be different.

Girlfriend's 2004 WR250 lowering question from Australia

"Hi. I'm interested in purchasing a yamalink for my fianc├ęs bike. I have just a couple of questions before I commit? Does the yamalink come with bearings to suit or do you use the existing ones? Also how long would i expect to wait for the item to be posted to Australia? And last of all will it our bike is an 2004 model will the link definitely fit? Thank you very much."

Our reply: Joshua, Hello. The 2004 WR250F YamaLink comes with bearings and seals. We have the WRF in stock HERE

You have two shipping options which are HERE

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Military discount and Yamaha lowering links?

I recently had my suspension setup for my weight and all that jazz but was told to purchase a lowering link for optimal performance. I like the looks of your products so I think I'm going to pull the trigger on one of them. Before I do so I'm curious if you have a military discount. Please let me know asap. Thank you!

Depending on what Yamaha you have the spring rate may need to be changed AGAIN to accommodate the YamaLink's extra leverage: CLICK HERE

We do not have a military discount program.

Colorado rider Randy's question about lowering his 2002 WR426

I am trying to order the lowering links. My issue is on the sight it shows 98 to 01 is the 426F then 02 to 04 doesn’t show the F designation for the 426. I want to ensure I order the correct one since it appears to possibly 2 different links. Could you tell me for sure which one I need to order so I get the right one. I live in Colorado and hope to have it this week so I can install it Saturday.

Hello. The only WR426 Yamaha makes is the WR426F, and there is only one YamaLink for the 426. We have changed the website to reflect the F model designation; hopefully this addresses any confusion our website may have caused.

Stuart's question about WR lowering links, are they all the same?

Hi.. Does the lowering kit fit all WR’S

Stuart, No. It depends on the year of WR and if it's a WRF, WRX or WRR. All info found on our page regarding which specific YamaLink fits which WR.

Martin wants to know if he can un-lower his 2008 WR250X

I have a Yamaha WR250X 2008 and I try to do the opposite, ie raise the seat 2 to 3 in. Is this possible? Thank you!


Question about Wr250R and WR250X YamaLink bearing grease

"Hi, what type of grease do you use on the YamaLink lowering kit?"

We use a moly bearing grease.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 YZ450F (M) with electric start

Maybe we're late to the party and it's old news, but the works Yamaha YZ450 was sporting electric start at this weekend's GP in Qatar. Nonetheless we posted about the surprise - at least it's a surprise to us - at

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dave's 2012 WR250 YamaLink lowering spring rate question

Dave writes "I have a YamaLink for my 2012 WR250f. Without gear I weight 150lbs and wanted to know what spring you recommend. RaceTech says my Stock Shock Spring is 4.7 but I am not sure if that is correct."

Hello. Your stock spring is indeed a 4.7kg. With a YamaLink at your 150 pounds (without gear) we recommend a spring rate of 5.1 or whichever is closest you can get.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Question of day: 175 pound motocrosser with YamaLink on 2004 YZ250F

Rider is 175 pounds WITHOUT gear. He races motocross on a 2004 YZ250F. Currently using stock spring and it is obviously bottoming with a YamaLink due to the extra leverage and NOT being resprung. The caller/rider wanted to know what spring rate to use. Stock spring rate is 4.7kg. At 175 pound before a YamaLink it is recommended to use a 5.3kg for MX racing at his weight. With a YamaLink at 175 pounds - and using the YZ250 four stroke in aggressive racing - it is recommended to use a 5.8 kg spring and then RESET sag to about 100mm and fine tune based on personal preference.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dave asks about the 2013 YZ250F YamaLink lowering kit: is it in stock?

"Hi do u have the 1.5 lowering link in stock for a 2013 yz 250f thank you, dave"

Hello. Our website shows the 2013 YZ250F 1.5 YamaLink is indeed in stock.

Doug asks about lowering a 2009 WR450F and spring rate for 200 pound rider with YamaLink

"What spring do you suggest for a 200 lb rider on 09 WR450 with the link? Thanks, Doug"

If he's an honest 200 pounds WITHOUT gear put a 6.1kg or closest with a YamaLink and then readjust sag. Given the decision for a 6.0 or 6.2 always go with the heavier spring with a YamaLink. FYI, at 200 pounds without gear and withOUT a YamaLink your customer needs a 5.8kg on a WR450 for proper sag.

How much can I lower the WR450F and do you ship to Australia?

"How you going, I have a WR450F 09/2011 plated but it’s the first of the fuel injection model should I order a 2012 model link and how much will this lower the bike. Just one last question do you ship to AU."

Hello. Our YamaLink lowers your WRF 1.5 inches: Click HERE for more info

We ship to Australia everyday. Your shipping options are Click HERE

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 YZ125 lowering YamaLink. The 1.5 inch or the shorter Race suspension kit

Zach writes: I race motocross and I´m 5´3 and weigh about 105 pounds. I have the correct springs in my bike for my weight. I was wondering which link you recommended for me, the traditional link or the race link?

Hi. At 105 pounds the 1.5" YamaLink is what many of our shorter and lighter MX racers use....but they are using the STOCK spring. With the stock spring at your weight obviously race sag can't be achieved because you are too light, but with the YamaLink 1.5 leverage it is spot on perfect!

If you have a spring rate on now for a 105 pound rider the shorter YZ Race YamaLink is what we recommend.

Jason asks if he can pay for YamaLink without PayPal

I don't want to pay with paypal, is there a way to pay with credit card?

Hi. You can pay with a credit card on our PayPal checkout; it will prompt you to use your PayPal account, but the credit card payment option is accessed by clicking "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" and that's where you use a debit or credit card.

Or you can pay over the phone with a credit card.

Sharon's YZ125 in Australia. Is YamaLink in Australia?

I'm wanting a yz 125 lowering linkage..what is the price of 1 and are you guys in australia?

Sharon, we are located outside Boise, Idaho. The YZ125 YamaLink lowering kit is $170 plus shipping. All the shipping options are found HERE

Taylor rides 2002 YZ250 and weighs 195 pounds. Spring rate question if lowering with YamaLink

I’m only 5’5” tall. I would like to buy a lowering link, but I weigh 195 lbs. What link would I need? How do I know what spring to use? I ride a 2002 YZ250 2 Stroke.

Hi. You need a heavier spring with the stock setup at 195 pounds to achieve proper sag. At your weight there is no way the YZ250 can be set up with proper sag.

And when you add a YamaLink to your 2002 YZ250 the spring rate needed is for a 220 pound rider to offset the YamaLink's extra leverage. More info can be found HERE.

Lowering 2005 WR250F, Yamaha dealer questions about YamaLink for customer

I have a customer with a 2005 Yam WR250, not a tall rider. Wants to lower the bike, he weighs 190lb. One concern before we do it is the front forks, can only drop about 1/2” before hitting the bars, and will the stock spring work. he does want to start racing it. ( not a young man ). Please give me your recommendations.

That customer needs a heavier spring BEFORE a YamaLink to achieve proper sag. The 2005 WR250F is set up for a rider of about 160 pounds. As-is that 190 pound rider will have too much sag, the bike will understeer and will bottom violently no matter how much spring preload is used.

With a YamaLink that 190 pound rider will need a spring rate for a 220 pound rider due to the extra YamaLink leverage. Without a heavier spring the bike will behave even worse than the aforementioned due to leverage and excess sag.

With the forks there is NO 1:1 ratio. Meaning: lowering the rear 1.5 inches does not mean you raise the fork tubes UP 1.5 inches. After resetting sag and being properly sprung in the rear suspension we recommend a starting point of about 4mm to raise the forks. Even if the 2005 WR250 fork tubes could slide up 1.5 inches - which they cannot, not even close - the bike would oversteer and headshake violently. I'd say 90% of WR250 riders are settling around the 3mm - 6mm (6mm is 1/4 inch) adjustment range.

Ian has a question about the 2007 YZ125 YamaLink: cost to ship to UK and lowering amount

Good Day. Please confirm the lowering link required to lower a 2007 YZ125. The big is too tall for my son. Can you ship to UK? How long does this take? Please confirm all costs?

The 2007 YZ125 YamaLink is found HERE.

We ship to the UK daily. Your shipping options are fully explained HERE.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Question from Brazil about lowering the Yamaha 2008 Wr250F

Hi! Sorry my bad English, I'm Brazilian.

I recently purchased a Koubalink for my 2013 CRF250X, and I'm satisfied with results. A friend of mine owns a 2008 Yamaha WR250F, and he wants to lowers his bike too. So I "googled" and find your site, but I have some questions:

How much of fork lift over tripleclamps he have to do when install your link?

Shock spring is a complicated science for us, so is possible to leave the OEM WR spring when put your link in place? Thanks in advance, I will report your answers to him!

Our reply: For the 2008 WR250F the forks are raised UP in the triple clamps starting at around 4mm and fine tuned based on personal preference. Just like the Kouba Link, a YamaLink may need a heavier spring to achieve proper sag depending on rider weight. If a rider is close to needing a heavier spring with the stock setup they will definitely need one with the YamaLink's extra leverage to get 94mm to 100mm sag.

4 questions about lowering a WR250R

I have 4 questions please.....

1. The YamaLink lower the WR250R 1 inch, the other inch can be achieved by modifying the original Yamaha setting or this is a ‘’Factory Option’’?

Answer: YES

2. Then let assuming I lower the rear by 2 inch. Can I lower the front by an inch?...if so? Will it affect original handling?

Answer: The most we recommend raising the fork tubes UP is 18mm. Most start at 12mm and adjust.

3. Finally, do I have to replace the spring with my weight?

Answer: If you need a heavier spring with the stock setup you will need a heavier spring with a YamaLink.

4. Should I consider buying another bike instead?

Answer: That is purely up to you.