Thursday, August 24, 2017

Aussi Matt's question about 2017 WR450F lowering with YamaLink

Matt emailed "Hi, I’m in Australia and have a 2017 WR450F I’d like to lower using your product, but cannot find a distributor? Do you have a distributor over here? If not can you tell me the best way to order?"

Our reply: You can order direct from our website. As for shipping you have two options, both of which are detailed on

Brian's 2005 YZ 250 lowering link question for

Brian asked "I am looking for a lowering link that will still allow for very aggressive riding. I am 200 lbs., short short inseam, but am also a very full throttle rider. I run road courses in WMRRA, and play hard on dirt as well. Picked up a 05 YZ250 and can’t even throw a freaking leg over it. I do not want to lose performance, especially jump travel. What do you guys have that will work?"

And our answer was: At 200 pounds you need a much heavier spring for an 05 YZ250. It comes sprung for a 160 pound rider. Having said that, the only YamaLink we make for the 05 YZ250 two stroke has too much leverage for a full throttle 200 pound rider. We do NOT recommend it for you.

The RACE YamaLink unfortunately does not fit your 2005. Only 2006 and newer. I know it sounds odd for the seller of a product to not recommend our lowering link, but in our many years of doing this we know 100% that our 1.5 inch lowering kit is too much for your needs. It'd make the YZ wallow, bottom and ride poorly.

Pat's 2006 YZ125 Yamaha lowering question

Pat asks "I just bought an 06 yz 125 and it's pretty tall (more than the 1995 cr125 that was about right). I'm a little older at 56 (195 lbs) and pretty much a novice and a little lower would be nice. Sounds like the #1 link would make the bike feel smoother (plush?) which would be plus as well. However, it looks like this is designed for smaller/younger/lighter riders and I wonder if it would work out for me? Will I be able to get the sag right for me with this link?"

Our reply: Pat, a YZ125 is sprung from the factory for a 145 pound rider. Even WITHOUT a YamaLink you need a much heavier spring to get proper sag at 195 pound rider weight. THEN you add a YamaLink and must go up in spring rate....get a heavier spring either way.

Andy's 2014 YZ250F lowering link, which YamaLink does he have?

Andy writes "I bought a 2014 yz250f that has one of your lowering links installed from the previous owner. Im trying to find out if its the race or the non race link. Im assuming its the length of the link from the center of the pivot points that changes the drop. Could you provide me with any way to tell which one I have? If its the non race I need to order the race one."

Answer: Our YamaLink RACE for the 2014 YZ250F says RACE on the engraved arm. The non-RACE simply reads YamaLink.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Rich's 2008 YZ250F lowering YamaLink spring rate

I'm looking in to get 1 lot your lowering link for my 08 yzf 250. I'm a shorter rider at 5'5" with all my gear on I'm at 190lbs do you recommend I change out the spring. I mostly ride trails but I have a friend that has a track that I'm thinking going to ride so do I have to change out the spring. The spring that is on it now is the original stock one. If you let me what I have to do I would appreciate it. RICH

Rich, You need a much heavier spring for your YZ250F BEFORE a YamaLink is installed. The bike is stock sprung for a 155 pound rider. With a YamaLink you should follow the recommendation: Click HERE.

Add 15% to your weight and pick a spring for that final number.