Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lowering YZ250F question of the day: which one to get?

Richards asks "I have a 2005 YZ250F and i’m looking at lowering it, doing some research i’m finding two different links. One link looks like two wishbone arms that both attach to a sleeve or cylinder, and the other looks like a small knuckle type with two grease fittings. Do you know which one I would need or do they both work?

Rich, This is the only YamaLink that fits a 2005 YZ250F: Click HERE

Our other YamaLinks which are a straight piece don't allow enough lowering on your bike without the spring and swingarm bashing into each other. That is why we made the "rocker" link with two grease zerks.

Yamaha YZ 250 lowering spring rate question

Clint writes in with "I purchased the lowering link for my 2002 yz 250 I'm like 190lb. Could you tell me what spring to get it close way to soft now.

Our reply was "A 2002 YZ 250 comes sprung for a 160 pound rider. You need a heavier spring WITHOUT a YamaLink if you weigh 190 pounds. At 190 pounds with the stock spring you have too much sag BEFORE a YamaLink.

With the YamaLink you need to go up 15% in spring rate from the correct spring rate for a 190 pound rider. Visit http://racetech.com/ChooseVehicle.aspx and put in your bike and weight and riding terrain. Add 15% to 190 pounds when figuring out your YamaLink rate options. You can also see the proper spring rate BEFORE a YamaLink for a 190 pound rider.

If you are in between spring rates go for the heavier rate.

2015 WR250F lowering question, which YamaLink

Alonzo asks "I have a 2015 Yamaha WR250F, i want to lower the bike. (i’m 5,8 & 175lbs). My style riding is trail riding & sand dunes, little bit of track, which yamalink do you recommend & any tips? Thanks."

As you know from our website we make two options for the 2015 WR250F. The Trail lowers the bike 1.25 inches. The RACE lowers your bike HALF the amount of the trail. It's purely a personal decision which YamaLink to get.

Buying TTR YamaLink lowering without PayPal?

Heath's question is about paying for his YamaLink. "Hi, I want to purchase a lowering link for a 2006 TTR 230. I would like to know if you have any in stock and if so how soon could I get to Reno Nevada? Also, can I call you with a credit card? I really dont want to set up a pay pal account."

Good question, Heath. There are some who aren't big fans of PayPal. We have plenty of 2006 TTR230 YamaLinks in stock. You don't need a paypal account to pay with a credit card on the paypal site (the option is in small print because PayPal does indeed want you to set up an account). Feel free to call and place the order with us over the phone.

We ship everyday via priority mail. We're in Boise. Reno takes 2 or 3 days.

2014 WR250R lowering question of the day

Wayne writes "Hi. I have a 2014 WR250R with yamalink installed. The yamalink imstructions specify that I should slide my forks up 12-18 mm to maintain a balanced suspension. My bike also has the factory lowering option with the spring preload set to minimum. Should my fork be lowered more than with just the yamalink alone? My ride weight is about 175 lbs if that matters."

Our non-exciting reply: Wayne, Hello. Front fork height is a purely personal preference. We don't recommend more than 18mm due to contact between the tire and front fender under full bottoming.