Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Michael's 2016 WR250F lowering question

Mike asks "I’m getting ready to order a yamalink to lower my 2016 WR250F. Your website mentioned riders over a certain weight may need a new rear spring. I’ve been looking at racetech (and other sites) for a spring, but I wondered if you sell them, or if you’d recommend a supplier that would work better in concert with the yamalink."

Our reply: Michael, hello. We don't sell springs, and we don't have a preference for a spring manufacturer. As for the YamaLink, if you go with the Short/RACE version for the 2016 WR250F (lowers it half amount of Trail), most at your weight simply reset sag and don't need a heavier spring. But if you went up one spring rate it would be good. If you went for the Long/Trail YamaLink which lowers your 2016 WR250F rear 1.25 inches, then definitely go up at least one spring rate rate, then reset sag. The included instructions are easy to follow and give guidelines for sag and then the front forks.

YZ450F lowering email from Jeff

Jeff writes "This is now my 4th yamalink and at 5' 7" 135 i have always used the non race link , even though I race mx. I believe it fools the the spring to thinking its a lighter spring so I never have had to re-spring my bikes, and it has always worked fine. I raced this weekend and I can say that the stock link doesn't do well in the breaking bumps over what the yamalink does. Yamaha allows 5mm on the forks but I have gone another 5mm and have had no ill handling problems whatsoever. Like you say I think these so called experts only go by what the factory says and set these bikes up for much taller and heavier riders (190 and higher and 6' and taller) but I have gone more than what they allow and have made a much better riding machine for guys my size anyways, and have not caused any ill handling like they claim it will do. Oh, I love the fat chick thing!

WR250F lowering question from Christian

Christian asks "I am looking to lower the suspension on a 2003 wr250f so that my wife can ride the bike. She is only 5'5" and just can't quite make the seat height work. My question is this, there is a lot of information on the internet that states not to use one of these lowering links because the travel doesn't change and therefore when and if you bottom out the suspension the tire is going to slam into the fender. I see a lot of other great reviews on your product. I am just doing research directly with you so I know about the consequences involved with putting on one of these linkages. She only weighs 120lbs and the stock spring are already too stiff. I will also set up the sag appropriately. Is the tire slamming into the fender something that I should be concerned with? Is the link going to cause the wheel travel to exceed the dimensions between the tire and fender."

Our reply: Here is how you get fender eating rear tire situation....

do not reset sag

do not respring for extra leverage

rider is too heavy for stock setup let alone a YamaLink

bike has rear shock that was blown and leaking oil and/or nitrogen to begin with

Any of the 4 mentioned above will make a bike wallow, understeer with or without a YamaLink. The YamaLink's extra leverage exacerbates the stock bike's problems.

YZ250FX lowering question from Jeremy

Jeremy emailed asking "I received the YamaLink and while reading the installation instructions, I have a question. The instructions state that the bike must be properly re-sprung. I don’t know what this means. Dies it mean I need to buy a new spring or is it an adjustment I need to make?? I weigh 150 lbs and am 5’8” so I wasn’t expecting to install a different spring. Thanks Jeremy."

Our reply: Hi. On the YZ250FX order page that you placed the purchase it reads "The Trail YamaLink (NOT the RACE link) may require the rider to go up in spring rate if you are on border of needing heavier spring with the stock suspension." You are not on the border at 150 pounds. You simply have to reset sag then dial in the front and clickers per our recommendations and your personal preference.

2015 YZ125 lowering question from Quinn

Quinn writes "Hi there, I have a 2015 yz125, lots of ATV riding experience but a beginner rider on the YZ125. Bike has a 38 seat height, I measure 32 inches from crotch to my heels. I will never race the YZ125 but want to have lots of racey fun on the sand dunes.

I believe the Yamalink YZ Link #1 is the better choice for me but since I only weigh 138lbs I barely move the seat down at all when I sit on the bike. I would like a soft ride for my 50 year old bones, what spring is right for me? Where can I buy the right spring from? Is the stock spring close enough? Appreciate any help you can toss my way."

Our reply: Quinn, at 138 pounds I would use the stock spring THEN reset sag, and dial the bike in per the included instructions. Resetting sag is the most important part of any bike setup with or without a YamaLink.