Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yamaha lowering link for the TTR

YamaLink question of the day: I just purchased a 2007 Yamaha TTR230 for my wife and it is a bit tall for her. I was told by others that we could not get a lowering link for it because of the clearance on the swing arm . I just wanted to verify that your lowering link for this bike will work. Please advise.

Our reply: Hi. You may have been told "there is no TTR 230 lowering link" because we only came out with our TTR YamaLink within the year. But here it is:

Comes with bearings and seals, and easy-to-understand installation instructions and recommendations for both front and rear.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yamaha WR250 lowering link post of the day

A WR250F rider asked us for some tips on settings and spring rate. He has a 2009 model, is coming off a long break from riding and weighs in at a muscular 250 pounds. Our suggestions....

"At 250 pounds you need heavier springs even without the YamaLink. I'll try to break it down in simple terms.

Your bike has approximately 12 inches of rear travel. It needs the proper amount of sag which is 1/3 of that 12 inches: your bike needs 4 inches of sag for the rear suspension to get efficient traction, maintain wheel contact with the ground and have enough travel left to suspend you and the bike for the big hits.

Too much sag and the rear end squats, the bike understeers up front and actually rides harsher on the small stuff while leaving you with LESS travel to suspend the big bumps. The bike will wallow and you will bottom hard!

Not enough sag and the rear wheel gets bad traction and the rear wheel skips and hops....and the rear of the bike is also too tall.

That is why the proper spring rate is crucial, even moreso with a YamaLink. Why? The YamaLink has an increased leverage ratio which not only helps lower the rear of your WRF but it makes it more plush, get better traction, turn better, etc. It also makes the suspension go through its travel easier meaning easier bottoming.

With the stock bike setup at your 250 pounds (according to Race Tech site: you need a 5.52 kg/mm spring. Stock is 4.7 kg/mm. I'd recommend the 5.6 kg/mm rear spring with a YamaLink."