Friday, April 27, 2012

Chris' son's 2005 YZ 125 yamaha lowering question

Hi, I recently bought a kit from you for my sons 2005 YZ 125, I just installed it last night, and will put the wheel on and set the sag tonight. Couple questions, does your link come lubed, or should I hit the grease fittings on it and fill it up? When lowering the forks, they must already be lowered as the top of the fork is just about touching the handlebar , don’t suppose there is any trick there in lowering them any more? Just don’t want it to ride too high in front. Any other set up tricks? He is a 14 year old and weight is 140 lbs with gear on. 

Our reply:

The YamaLink comes pre-greased and should last for years if your son does not ride in a lot of rivers or hits the pressure washer directly on the bearings.

If your forks are slid up already they are fine. RESET sag, dial in the high-speed compression and rebound, and then think about moving the forks if need be. There is no 1:1 ratio of fork vs rear lowering because changes to the rear effect geometry at a much different rate than the front. In fact, 6mm (.25 inches) is a lot of fork moving when compared to 1.5 inches in back.

Follow the instructions. Try 100mm sag and then think about 94mm sag and going in on high-speed compression in back.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Steve's 2009 Yamaha WR250F lowering suspension question

HI. I am from the UK and ride a 2009 WRF250 and use it for leisurely trail riding. I am 5.11 but still struggle to put my foot on the ground without falling over (being 61 years old do'snt help much either!) so I would like to fit a yamalink to lower the bike .I weigh 190lbs and I wonder if you could let me know If I have to change the rear shock spring before I fit the yamalink. Thanks for your help.

Steve, The stock 2009 WR250F spring rate is 4.9 kg/mm. At 190 pounds BEFORE A YAMALINK you need a 5.4 kg/mm to achieve proper sag. So you need a heavier spring anyway. With a YamaLink you need a 5.6 kg/mm spring to achieve proper sag.

Monday, April 23, 2012

1998 1999 2000 2001 Yamaha WR lowering kit UK

From a ThumperTalk and UK WRF rider.... It's been a while - but I just thought I'd say thanks for great service and a great product with the Yamalink. Fitting was relatively straight forward, with the supplied instructions and YouTube video making it pretty trouble free. From start to finish, including lowering the forks by about 6mm, adjusting the sag and going for a test ride took just over an hour. It's transformed the bike, and my confidence on it. I made a post on ThumperTalk - there is a bit more interest in YamaLink HERE