Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Yamaha YZ450F suspension lowering link

Hey Guys. I'm a 92kg guy recently brought a 2012 YZ450F all standard great bike it feels a bit awkward like the back ends higher than it should be.I used to race as a junior back in NZ got up to national level then in the expert class's as a senior.Lost interest for a while now getting back into riding 6 years down the track it all feels the same (Tad rusty) but better on the new bikes except the rear suspension/rear of bike.Any help & or suggestions if you have any other performance recommendations for the 2012 yz450 would be muchly appreciated.

Our reply: "The stock spring rate is 5.8kg/mm. At 202 pounds and expert ability a 6.0 kg/mm spring is recommended by Race Tech before adding a YamaLink RACE 1 inch.

2002 2003 2004 Yamaha WR250F lowering suspension & sag

Richard writes.... "Good Afternoon. I recently bought a YamaLink for my wr250f and I am going to need to get a heavier spring. I weigh about 212pounds and as you say in the article it is very soft. I find it bottoms out when riding off-road I am more of a leisure rider than high impact. Please could you quote me on a spring for my weight.

Our reply....."Okay, let's figure out the spring rate.

At 212 pounds you are too heavy for the stock WR250F spring to achieve proper sag; the stock spring rate is set for a rider of about 180 pounds. And then of course adding the YamaLink's extra leverage requires a heavier spring.

The stock spring on an 02-04 is 4.8 kg/mm.
At 212 pounds with the STOCK suspension you need a spring rate of 5.4 kg/mm BEFORE the YamaLink.
Now we add the YamaLink and the spring you should use is a 5.8 kg/mm to achieve proper sag.