Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yamaha WR 250 suspension lowering YamaLink

From Yamaha WR250R rider Josh.....
The istall was pretty simple. The only "problem" I had was removing the stock link, I had to tap it out with a rubber mallet. I had already raised the forks a bit higher (in anticipation of the YamaLink) when I did the stock lowering and the sag was just under 100mm so I think I'm ok there.

Combined with the stocker ~1" lowering there is a noticeable drop in height, much more comfortable. I took it out for a quick 15 mile ride and I felt much more confident on the bike. I checked the torque on the bolts again after the ride and everything was still nice and tight

One question I do have is about the kickstand. It seems that with both the YamaLink and the stock lowering that the kickstand is a bit too long. Do you have any recommendations on a new kickstand?


Our reply....


Good to hear the YamaLink made it. As far as the kickstand 99% just leave it as-is and turn their handlebar to the left and kick the kickstand out to the left.

A few have cut the stand and re-welded the foot back on. I don't think anyone makes a shorter kickstand for the R.