Saturday, November 27, 2010

Buster's Dirt Shop and the YamaLink WR250 suspension linkage

Check out Fountain Valley, California's "Buster's Dirt Shop" by clicking HERE

Thursday, November 25, 2010

YZ250F suspension lowering email of the day (well, it came in yesterday's mail)

Yamaha YZ250F racer Doug writes....I am very happy with the new YamaLink. Oh how I love the return to a plush rear end! The new link is bottoming out perfectly now and the seat height is acceptable for me still being lower than stock. I still can't get over how improved the turning is with both of these links. Thank you again for sending me the ...this one is going to be permanent for this bike.

Yamaha YZ lowering link comment of the day: YamaLink

YamaLink's Thanksgiving Yamaha suspension comment of the day:

I'm a short guy at 5'7" and I probably won't ever be an "A" class rider so having a lowered bike is worth its weight in gold. Confidence on the bike is key as you guys already know...these links are a must have for us short riders.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

YamaLink suspension link shipping

Someone asked "why do we NOT send their Yamaha WR or YZ lowering link via Global Priority at $12.95 instead of the $26.63 Express International."

If you choose Global Priority and your YamaLink is lost WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY. REREAD THAT SENTENCE. Delivery can be anywhere from 10 - 21 days, there is NO online tracking & some countries will "lose" your hard earned money and Yamaha suspension link. REPEAT: because we cannot track the YamaLink nor insure it we do NOT send via Global Priority. But if you absolutely want Global Priority let us know & we will refund the Express Mail difference ($26.63 - $12.95). REPEAT: we are not liable for lost Global shipments.

Non-US orders go via International Express at $26.63. Average delivery is 6 days, you get online tracking & it's the most trustworthy option to every country (Canada, Mexico & Italy are notorious for losing packages but NOT with Express because everyone can track it). We have never lost a YamaLink with Express.

Complete YamaLink payment info can be found HERE

Yamaha suspension lowering sag question

From Yamaha YZ rider David.... "How much do shock springs cost?"

Rear shock springs retail about $110. What is your sag setting? If you have wrong springs you more than likely will not be able to achieve the ballpark range of race sag. Too much sag and you are riding too far into the travel's progression, and you have less overall net travel to suspend you for the big hit. And the bike is riding more "rude" at slower speeds because you are so far into the travel that the bike will behave as if you are going faster and/or hitting a much larger object than you really are.

Conversely, too little sag and the rear wheel will skip and dance around on the smaller stuff and that will beat your butt, too, in addition to not getting proper traction and inefficient turning.

Properly sprung. Properly set sag.