Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ian and his WR450 Yamaha lowering question

Ian writes...

"Hi. I am from the UK & ride a 2006 WR450, i ride mainly green lanes which are of varied terrain from boggy mud to rocky hilly stuff i am 5ft 11inches tall weigh 79Kilo's without my kit on & struggle to get my feet on the ground, particularly if the ground is slightly uneven, in your opinion would the yamalink make that much difference, i really need to do something as i keep dropping it usually just as i stop & sometimes at very low speed, any feedback would be greatly received, & would i need to replace the rear shock or spring."

Our reply....


79 kilos is approximately 175 pounds. If you are a leisurely trail rider you can get away with the stock spring and reset sag to 94mm. Resetting sag is very crucial.

If you plan to carry a heavy pack or a lot of water and tools then I recommend getting a 5.6 kg/mm spring.

Jeff from Illinois setting sag tool WR250R WR250X lowering

Jeff asks "I just purchased my used 2008 WR250x last night and was reading the manual trying to figure out how to set sag. Do I need a special wrench(s) to set the sag on these bikes ?"

Our reply:

Many use a long punch or old wide flat blade screwdriver + a good heavy
hammer (not a rubber mallet). Loosen the shock spring lock nut by hitting it
counterclockwise like any nut: right tighty, lefty loosey.

This gets the spring's lockring undone.

The easiest way to turn the shock spring up or down to adjust sag is by hand
but sometimes a bike is super crowded or the rider's forearms are too big to
fit anywhere near the spring to get a good grip near the bottom. Then you
have to use that long punch + hammer to beat, er, move the notched ring
below the lock ring and move it. Total pain often times.

It helps if the bike's rear shock threads are cleaned and maybe lubed to
help the shock lock nut and/or adjustment collar move up and down. One
complete revolution on the spring is about 2.5mm

Here is a refresher. They use long-travel MX bikes with 12" suspension but
the concept is the same: