Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 YZF Yamaha lowering link (adjustable?)

We received a phone call from a curious 2010 YZF owner about our upcoming YamaLink 2010 YZF lowering link. Long story short, he asked if our new model was going to be a rocker or a connecting rod and if it was going to be adjustable.

Adjustable lowering links are not new. A few companies build them for other makes of off-road bikes. Adjustable lowering links, for the most part, are a solution to a problem that never existed. Why?

a) Cost is usually more to build than a straight-forward Yamaha lowering link.
b) We found through prototype YamaLinks that people just want one amount of lowering so they can set up their bike based on that lowering amount. They either want a lot of lowering or just a little lowering. Which leads us to...

c) A tall rider who buys a YamaLink with just one inch lowering is not looking for MORE lowering later. They are usually a faster and tall rider in search of a little more leverage to plush out the high-speed chop. They know exactly how much leverage and lowering they want for NOW and forever.

c.1) A short rider who buys a YamaLink with 1.5 to 1.75 inches lowering is not looking for LESS lowering later. It's not like they are going to get taller or say "hey, the ground is too easy to touch, let's make this harder, again."

Okay, okay, we know some parents may buy a YamaLink for a child who is growing. During testing of our prototype adjustable lowering links - GASP, yes, we built a few adjustable 2010 Yamaha lowering links - the kids and parents told us they would more than likely use the most lowering level and then NOT use a lowering link as the child got taller. What about the option to use a 1 inch Race link? Seems only "grown-up" tall and fast racers want that, not the tall and not-so-blazing-fast rider who is going through a gradual growth phase. They either want the full 1.5 (or 1.75 inch) lowering or nothing at all.

If you truly want an adjustable 2010 YZF lowering link I'm sure we can go back to the prototype bin and fish one out for you. It will cost more, and we're 99% sure you'll end up using just one lowering amount and being happy with that. In the meanwhile we'll stick to our tried and true Yamaha YZ-F lowering link until told otherwise.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yamaha WR lowering link review

We think Oregon rider and ThumperTalk contributor PlushPuppy's YamaLink Yamaha WR250F review is a great resource.

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