Friday, April 24, 2009

WR/YZ lowering link & fork question

WR/YZ lowering link question of the day.


When you install the link, does it increase/decrease the rake of the front forks? How do you keep the factory rake settings on the forks after installing the link?




Since there is no 1:1 lowering ratio of forks vs rear (because changes to rake/trail affect your bike's geometry at a different rate than changes to the rear), our instructions give guidelines for raising the forks in the triple clamps.

For the WR250R/X (total of about 2" lowered in rear), the forks are raised at a starting point of about 10mm.

For the WRF and YZF 250F/426F/450F (1.25 to 1.75 inches), the forks are raised at a start point of 6mm.

For the two stroke YZ (1 inch), the forks are raised at a start point of about 5mm.

Everyone then adjusts based on personal preference, riding style, terrain and where they set their sag (sag must be reset after installing the YamaLink); a quick turning yet stable ride is easily attained.