Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TTR250 YamaLink? No, but koubalink makes one.

All the discussion sites refer to a Yamalink for TTR250 but your website does not list them.

Hello, we do not make a TTR250 lowering link. does: click HERE

Leo's 2010 Yamaha WR250F YamaLink spring rate

Leo asks "Being a newbie to dirt bikes, and I’m struggling with the height of my WR250F. I’m 77kgs - 5ft7 & can only put a toe on the ground when sitting on my bike. I’ve read good feedback about your product, but could you please clarify for me: “When you install a YamaLink we recommend a 10% heavier spring if you weigh close to 175/77kg.” Does this mean I need to also purchase a new spring to be installed? Or is this something that can be dialed in on the rear shock?"

Leo, you definitely need a heavier spring. Stock is a 4.7kg and we recommend 5.3kg for your weight and a YamaLink.

John's Yamaha YZ426 chain length with YamaLink lowering

John writes "I am looking at buying a lowering link for my 426. It is however in need of a new chain and sprocket, before I order a new chain I need to know… Will the lowering link require a different chain length? I really appreciate all the help and guidance you can give me on this."

"John, The YZ426 YamaLink will not require a longer chain than the amount of links you currently run on the YZ426."