Thursday, April 16, 2009

YZ lowering question o' the day

From Greg asking about his YZ lowering needs...

I trail ride, hill climb, race hare scrambles, and some minor jumping. I am 5'10" and ride a YZ250F and I touch almost with balls of feet on level ground. Hill climbs during races if something happens putting a foot down is not an option most of the time. Will this help me and if so is there help in setting all my settings where they should be after applying the link. By the way I weight 180 lbs. Thanks a lot.


Your YZ250F YamaLink comes with easy to follow installation instructions AND set-up guidelines covering sag, compression, rebound and fork adjustments. Takes about 10 minutes to install, set the sag, dial it in and go.

At 180 pounds (with or without gear) you're on the edge of needing a heavier spring with the stock setup. With the YamaLink you will reset the sag at 3.5 inches, go in just a hair on the high speed compression and two clicks in on the rebound. The YamaLink makes your suspension more plush and it soaks up the square edge and braking bumps while giving you better traction and cornering. It's all due to the increased leverage ratio which also makes the rear wheel travel through its arc easier and it will bottom easier, hence the tuning guidelines above. Big jumps and ditch bashers are not recommended for aftermarket links. Cross country, off road and GNCC/WORCS type guys love it!