Monday, November 9, 2009

Kouba Link CRF250X lowering link

Tomy writes "Hello. I recently bought a link from you for my son crf150rb. I was very impressed by your quick shipping of the product. So thank you. So now I want for for my 250x. I looked at the koubalink website and it stated I can use a crf3 on my 05 250x to get it 1.60 inches lower. On your crf page you do not have an offering for a crf3 in my year. Is there a rason why? Will there be a technical issue if I get the crf3? thanks."

Hmmmm, good question. Our reply...."I guess I forgot to put the CRF3 for your 05 CRF250X up. If you want, go ahead and order the CRF3 for the 2006 CRF250X. It's the same Kouba Link/same price; it'll lower your 05 the 1.6 inches (as you know, it lowers the 06 1.5 inches but that obviously doesn't matter to you)."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yamaha WR250X WR250R forum

Yamaha WR250R and WR250X site of the day.... We're probably very late to jump on this Yamaha WR250 site, but in case you are, too: WRR/X Forum