Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 YZ450 lowering link question from Dylan

YZF450 rider Dylan asks "A quick run down how to install and how to set the suspension up for my weight would be good... My weight is 73 kgs and height is 165cm the conditions I mainly ride in is in sand do I need any other parts to install along with the Yama link or should be right with the stock set up?

Our reply: "The instructions that come with your YZ450F 1.5" YamaLink are super simple and give a few options for setting up. At your weight I'd start off with resetting the race sag at 96mm, turn in the rear shock's high speed compression at least 1 full turn and then turn in the rear shock's rebound 2 clicks. For the forks I'd slide them up in the triple clamps about 2mm.

Use that as a base line. Then see if your rear sag needs more or less (example: it could need one more turn for less sag at 94mm). And changes to the front fork in only 1 millimeter increments makes a noticeable change; there is no 1:1 ratio with the rear because changes to rake/trail (the front) effects your 450 geometry at a much different rate.