Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are taking North Dakota by storm!

Unbelievable! We finaaaaly received an order from the great province, er, state of North Dakota. Something was definitely up with the Peace Garden State/Flickertail State/Roughrider State considering we've been in contact with every Yamaha dealer - all 3 of them. Is the entire state full of tall people or riders who don't mind getting their butts pounded by braking bumps?

Happily all those questions are moot since we shipped a yamaha lowering link off to Pierre.

*Crap! Pierre is the capital of South Dakota. Never mind. North Dakota goes back on the list along with Louisiana as the only states we have yet to ship to. Anyone know a Yamaha rider from either North Dakota or Louisiana??? We'll give 'em our just-made-up discount so we can brag to our friends at Pro Moto Billet that we've sold to every state, too.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A morning of shipping questions

Tuesday morning was THE morning for emails and calls about "where is my package"?

We ship every order via, and each order gets a specific delivery confirmation and/or tracking number. Convenient for you. Saves our ass.

Rider in Virginia called. Where is my order? The number told us it was delivered 5 days ago, but this customer insisted it was lost and wanted to know "what are you going to do about it?" That is code for "I want another yamaha lowering link sent right away." Usually when this occurs we find out someone in the family or office accepted the package, put it away and did not tell the real recipient their yamalink arrived. So where was their deliverd package? Sitting on the counter in another room.

The other shipping issue came from a rider in Italy. She ordered Wednesday morning. We shipped Wednesday morning. She receivede an international express tracking number. This morning she sends three emails saying we never sent it on Wednesday (even though the site proved we did) and that it was guaranteed in 6 busines days (even though the usps shipping time is an estimate of Monday-Friday shipping, she told us we guaranteed her 5 days including Saturday and Sunday). Right now it shows the YamaLink just arrived in Italian customs and is being processed, but sometimes you just can't win: she demanded we call customs and find out why it was "delayed" a day or two.

So now we have underlined our "estimate" info on our shipping and payment site. We do our best by shipping same-day but sometimes thing happen on the other end, say, in Italy, that are out of our control. In the end everyone is happy but sometimes the journey can be a bumpy one.

Monday, September 8, 2008

simple yamaha lowering link question of the day.

Question: Do you need to preload the suspension when tightening the shock's lock nut?

Answer: The spring is already preloaded by the shock collar and therefore does not require additional preload before tightening the lockring.