Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Question of day: 175 pound motocrosser with YamaLink on 2004 YZ250F

Rider is 175 pounds WITHOUT gear. He races motocross on a 2004 YZ250F. Currently using stock spring and it is obviously bottoming with a YamaLink due to the extra leverage and NOT being resprung. The caller/rider wanted to know what spring rate to use. Stock spring rate is 4.7kg. At 175 pound before a YamaLink it is recommended to use a 5.3kg for MX racing at his weight. With a YamaLink at 175 pounds - and using the YZ250 four stroke in aggressive racing - it is recommended to use a 5.8 kg spring and then RESET sag to about 100mm and fine tune based on personal preference.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dave asks about the 2013 YZ250F YamaLink lowering kit: is it in stock?

"Hi do u have the 1.5 lowering link in stock for a 2013 yz 250f thank you, dave"

Hello. Our website shows the 2013 YZ250F 1.5 YamaLink is indeed in stock.

Doug asks about lowering a 2009 WR450F and spring rate for 200 pound rider with YamaLink

"What spring do you suggest for a 200 lb rider on 09 WR450 with the link? Thanks, Doug"

If he's an honest 200 pounds WITHOUT gear put a 6.1kg or closest with a YamaLink and then readjust sag. Given the decision for a 6.0 or 6.2 always go with the heavier spring with a YamaLink. FYI, at 200 pounds without gear and withOUT a YamaLink your customer needs a 5.8kg on a WR450 for proper sag.

How much can I lower the WR450F and do you ship to Australia?

"How you going, I have a WR450F 09/2011 plated but it’s the first of the fuel injection model should I order a 2012 model link and how much will this lower the bike. Just one last question do you ship to AU."

Hello. Our YamaLink lowers your WRF 1.5 inches: Click HERE for more info

We ship to Australia everyday. Your shipping options are Click HERE