Friday, January 22, 2010

ThumperTalk YZ lowering review YamaLink

From ThumperTalk member ibmfxpro on his YZF lowering YamaLink review:


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yamaha YZ lowering question of the day

From Tony....

My Yamalink will be going on my 2001 yz250f with stock suspension. I weigh around 165lbs with all my gear on. Is there any special setup needed for this particular bike or should I just follow your general install and SAG setups??

Our reply...


The written installation instructions will basically say "install YamaLink,
reset sag (you have two options for maximum lowering or more aggressive
riding), dial in rebound or compression to personal preference and slide the
fork tubes up at a starting point of about 4mm."

It's a simple step by step. Your weight is spot on without needing a heavier
spring. Yamahas are sprung for about 180-185 pound maximum rider; the YamaLink has an increased leverage ratio so if a rider was on the border of needing a heavier spring with the stock setup they'd most definitely need one with the YamaLink. But setting sag is the #1 most important thing you do a bike whether stock or with a YamaLink.

Yamaha WR lowering question of the day

From Steven....

Hi, My name is Steven and I'm completely new to enduro/trail riding. I've just bought a Yamaha WR250R and find its to tall even with a lowered seat. Been looking at your product and have a couple of questions.

1. Does it effect the ground clearance of the bike
2. Will I need to lower the forks to compensate
3. Is it easy to set the bike up once fitted ie, sag etc.
4. If I dropped the bike by the 1" method as described can I still fit the yamalink to get it lower

As I say I'm completely new to riding off road bikes and need as much info as possible.

Our reply...

Good morning. Okay, let's get you some answers.

1: The ground clearance is minimal. The YamaLink lowers the rear about 1 inch.

2: I'd say 99% of YamaLink users follow our fork raising guideline of 10mm (included in the written instructions) and then you adjust a little this way or that way based on personal preference and riding style and terrain.

3: We've been told it's pretty darn easy to set the bike up. The instructions were written for someone with minimal mechanical experience yet didn't dummy it down for a seasoned mechanic. And we are always here to help via phone or email.

4: The stock 1 inch lowering (via the lower shock mount/clevis) is totally independent of the YamaLink. You can do either or both.

Hope this helps. Please do not hesitate contacting us with any other questions.