Thursday, June 2, 2011

spring rate for Yamaha?

Someone asked which spring rate calculator they should use to figure out the sag for the stock setting and the new spring rate with the extra 10% leverage of the 1.5 inch YamaLink (example: if you weigh 180 add 18 pounds, if you weigh 220 add 22 pounds, etc.)

There are a few online and we use this one: Click HERE

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doug's new YZ250 lowered with suspension link

Doug sent us a pic of his new YZ 250 which is waiting on the new YamaLink. Enjoy!

2007 Yamaha WR450 lowering link email of the day

I have a 2007 WR450f and would like to know what a good spring rate would be for my weight being 73kg. Also can I raise my fork tubes? I am 169cm tall and would really like to get my feet down for single track.


Our response...

Hi. 73kg is about 160 pounds and that is fine with the stock spring. The install instructions will tell you to RESET sag as being the #1 most important aspect. Light or slow riders reset sag to 100mm which is where a completely stock Yamaha WRF rear sag is set (give or take a few mm).

More aggressive riders can set rear sag to about 94mm.

Here is a good picture tutorial on setting sag:

Then you have options to dial in the high speed compression (the big knob atop the rear shock, not the flat blade).

The install instructions will also tell you to slide the fork tubes UP at least 4mm and then fine tune based on personal preference.

More FAQ can be found on our page at

Sunday, May 29, 2011

2005 2006 Yamaha WR250F lowering link email of the day

UK rider Simon had a question about the fit and install of his WR250F:

Firstly I would thank you for the quick delivery of this item however, I not sure if either I have ordered the wrong item or the wrong item has been shipped as it does not fit my model of bike, neither does it match the picture on the web site. The width of the link is narrower then the stock item or it is missing inner bushes as the diameter or the link bolts is significantly narrower than those on the link . I have not fitted obviously and just wondered if I was missing something as the installation video shows this as a straight replacement. The one received just had needle rollers with dust cover either side. there are no spacer bushes slid into the bearings.

Please Advise

And our reply.....

The typed installation directions call for you to put your finger in the stock Yamaha rocker and pop out the two bearing pins and 4 bushings. This procedure take about 3 seconds and only requires 1 finger. Any finger. I'll copy/paste:

2. Pick up the stock rocker. Stick a finger in the 2 main pivots & pull out the metal bushings & pivot pins. Insert into the YamaLink. Be careful no needle bearings pop out. Everything should “snap” straight into place.

The directions also call for you to insert those parts into the YamaLink before installation. The picture on our website is for a pre-2005 Yamaha.