Monday, February 25, 2013

Shipping a WR450 YamaLink to Australia

Hi I have a 2012 wr 450f I would like to lower it would like a price on parts and freight to Australia.

All current pricing and shipping rates can be found on our website HERE.

YamaLink received and installed on my WR250R. I added grease on all internal surfaces. Do I ever use the grease fitting? You referenced 3.25 Sag in the paper with the Link. On you website 4 in. or 100 mm. is recommended. What Rider Sag should be used? Do you have a Sag measurement for Free Sag? For front Sag?

4 inches is for the WRF and YZF. We recommend maintenance according to the Yamaha manual.

Laura rides a 2004 YZ250 and wants to know about the YamaLink amount

I have been looking at the and just wondering approximately how much this will actually lower the bike?

Lowers the YZF rear 1.6"/40mm when properly sprung for rider weight + the link's extra leverage.

Mark's son rides a 2003 YZ125 and has a question about the YamaLink lowering

By lowering the rear suspension how will this affect the cornering of a yz 125 2003. My son is 12 & 5'6 loves motocross.

For the 2003 we only make the 1.5" YamaLink, and depending on your son's weight or aggressiveness the 1.5" could be too much leverage for motocross. That's why we made the shorter YZ RACE version, but that only fits the 06 and newer. As for the forks most are raising them in the clamps at a starting point of about 4mm and adjusting up or down 1 or 2 mm based on personal preference.

Don's 2005 Yamaha WR250 YamaLink lowering question

Hi can you tell me how much it would be to get one of your lowering links for a Yamaha wr250f 2005 is there an importer in England that sells them?

Hello. Any local dealer can order a YamaLink and you can order one, also, from our website. Complete pricing and shipping options are listed on our site, too.

Do you make a 2012 WR450F YamaLink lowering link?

Do you have the Yamalink for WR450F 2012? My weight is about 77kg (170 pounds). Do I need to change the spring or it’s just about to re-set the Sag? How can I pay you? Pay pal or trough website?

The 2012 WR450F is on our website HERE and so is the shipping information HERE and sag information can be found HERE.