Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brian's Yamaha WR250 lowering link

A few happy words from Brian, a WR250 lowering link owner.

Just wanted to say thanks again for your help, suggestions and the great product. Went riding yesterday for the first time with the new link and right off the bat was more than happy with the link. I COULD TOUCH THE GROUND! This was what I was initially looking for but soon found a lot more confidence in my bikes handling and ease of riding. Hooked up great out of the turns and just felt all around more comfortable. Being 40 and just getting back into riding after over 15 years I needed my bike to feel comfortable under me without sacrificing power or handling. Your Yamalink did just that and more.

Thanks again,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ThumperTalk quote WR250R lowering link

The Yamalink: got the stratospheric seat height down to where short me can reach the ground, most of the time. (31 inch inseam, I'm shrinking) After I got the sag and rebound/compression damping at both ends set up, it had not only a better ride, but better traction as well. And that was with the stock tires. I bought my '08 used at an estate sale with less than 300 miles on it, and the original owner had put all of the suspension settings in odd setups. I sorted all of that out and actually had some traction out of the rear DW. Not much, but some. Other than the ride height, I believe that the slight change in rake/trail shifted some of the weight bias rearward, which it needed badly. It almost had a street bike geometry as delivered, a legacy no doubt from being also used as the X model. It is now a "wholenuther" bike, much improved.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More YamaLink YZ 450 lowring (sic) sag suspension questions

Here is a very simple easy to understand tutorial on sag and adjustments for your Yamaha YZ lowering link:

Reread your YamaLink instructions! Then start at 100mm of race sag then go make changes to your forks.

You have the option to set rear sag at about 94mm which would give you 1.25 inches lowering overall (6mm is .25 inches, 100mm - 94mm = 6mm.)

2009 YZ Yamaha Lowering Link suspension fork question

Mike wanted to know about raising his 2009 YZ450F forks after resetting sag with his new lowering link. Our reply....

Slide the forks up from the starting point of wherever it is now. Not all Yamahas come from the factory or previous buyer with the forks set exactly the same.

The 4-6mm raising of the forks is just a starting point we recommend AFTER resetting sag. You may find 6mm is too much, if so drop it a millimeter or two. Or you may find 4mm is not enough so you raise it a millimeter. But wherever your forks are before the YamaLink I'd recommend bringing them UP 6mm if possible.

You won't break anything or mess with anything. But you will find out if your handling is exactly right or if it needs tweaked just a tiny bit both front (forks) and rear (more or less sag).