Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peter's 2008 WR450 lowering link questions

Peter writes....

Below are a few questions that I have regarding the Yamaha Lowing Links for a Yamaha WR 450 2008:

1. Does the link come ready to install (Bearing installed and greased).

2. Do any of the components of the original link need to be reused (I understand that the original bushings and/or sleeves need to be reused).

3. Does this link lower the seat height by 41mm (1.6inches) for my WR 450 '08'. I read in Thumper Talk (05-15-2008) that this lowering measurement (1.75inches)was for the WR’s up to 2008 and the lowering measurement for the WR 08 would be 32mm (1.25inches).

4. My weight is 75Kg (165lb) with no gear, would this mean that the stock suspension would still be suitable for me.

Our replies...


The 2008 WRF YamaLink comes pregreased.
You put a finger in the stock Yamaha part and pull out the bearing pins and push them in the YamaLink.
We redesigned the YamaLink in 2010: it lowers the rear of your WRF a touch over 1.5 inches.
For off-road and trail riding the stock spring should work. Just reset sag and dial in the rebound and compression per our recommendations.