Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yamaha lowering link WR250 suspension and forks

2008 Yamaha WR250F owner Jeff emailed asking for some pointers on his YamaLink and his 250's front forks:

I bought a YamaLink about a month ago and love it! Being able to get my feet down has saved me several times while racing. I have a question that I hope you can offer a little advice. I reset the sag as suggested, to about 3.9” and I can really feel the difference in traction. However, it feels as if the front end is now to light and while powering through corners, it feels as if the front is coming up and I am losing traction in the front. Will raising the forks fix this issue? Any advise would be appreciated.

Our reply: You may be experiencing the borderline of understeer. Slide the fork tubes up a few millimeters. A few mm makes a big difference. One other option is to take a bit of sag out. If you are bottoming more than a few times per ride (a bike should bottom once in a while otherwise it means full travel is not being utilized which means sag or settings are incorrect) or don't need as much plushness, cranking the shock spring down a few turns will put more weight on the front end.

Each complete turn of your Yamaha's shock spring is about 2.5mm. Six mm is a 1/4 inch. Or you could just do the fork sliding up if the rear sag/suspension/feel is exactly how you like it.