Friday, August 15, 2008

going outside is uncomfortable

Out of all my nosy neighbors, there is one directly to my left. Mary. She's super fit and each time I run or exercise she's out there too. In fact, when I'm driving into town to get my beer on I see her and her big super ugly dog exercising more.

I spoke to her once and it was very uncomfortable. She has a drawl and she's methodical in her actions which are two of my top twenty peeves (the other 18 include slow drivers, my mom in outlet track suits with cursive writing on the back, old people who think everyone should give them leeway cuz they survived the Big War...of 1812, fake blondes with fake laughs, small talk and slow-moving post office lines).

But now she has her 70-something boyfriend living with her! The thought of two 70-something people spending the remainder of the golden years should be heart-warming. No. He sits on the patio all morning long reading which makes it difficult for me to walk out and cinch up the shoes to go on my run because they want to make small talk (see above list of partial pet peeves). Thank god they're not in track suits cuz I'd go postal very quickly.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

lowering link needle bearings and $20 tweezers

Scott called because some needle bearings fell out of his WR250R/X YamaLink during shipping. It happens. The fix is to take your finger and just move the fallen bearings back into place.

Or you can do what Scott told us he did: used his wife's $20 tweezers!! I hope he didn't tell her, and I hope he doesn't laugh too hard each time he goes in for a kiss, and her eyebrows smell like Bel-Ray grease.

Reply to "how do you warm up your Yamaha"

On ThumperTalk....

Choke on. Idle at higher rpm, obviously, for about a minute. Choke off. Ride slowly for a few minutes.

Put goggles on and spend too much time making sure the strap is lined up perfectly straight (always start bike next to truck window so I can view the goods). Then bury my elbow into the ribs until I hear the beautiful "pop pop pop" of the rev limiter. Hit rear brake and come to sliding stop. Take off open face helmet and unzip Evel Knievel jacket.

*don't pay attention to the last paragraph: my 10 year old nephew gave me a sip of his fruity sugar drink and I'm not myself.

yamaha lowering link country podium

After holding the #3 spot for orders dating back to early July, Australia has been overtaken by the United Kingdom, and by just one YamaLink!

Not surprisingly, the US has the #1 spot, but in terms of non-domestic orders the countries of Canada, England/UK/Great Britain and Australia are having us fill out customs and international express forms galore. Thank you!

Singapore is coming up strong, though, as is the country of Hawaii (there's a joke in there for the Yamaha rider/customer from our 50th state who called yesterday).