Monday, April 12, 2010

WR (WRF) Yamaha lowering question

Question: If you have any tips regarding the sag/setup that would be great. I mainly do slow rocky trail riding in the mountains. I weigh 160 without gear, closer to 180with everything on. I'm 5'8".

Our reply: At your weight I'd start out with a sag setting of 3.5 inches; it takes away from the 1.75" lowering at full 4 inch sag, but you'll still have excellent plushness and small bump absorption for rocks and roots without any excessive bottoming or wallow. Then raise the forks UP in the triple clamps about 4 to 6 mm (6mm is .25 inches) and fine tune based on riding style and local terrain.

If you find the 3.5 inches of sag works great then put in 3.75 inches of sag. You'll get an extra quarter inch lowering while making the bike more plush....yet some more aggressive riders may find it too soft. I bet you stay at 3.5 inches; I'm your weight and that's what I run.

Yamaha WR250 lowering comment of the day

A WR250 rider from Pennsylvania just sent his input on his new YamaLink:

Thanks for the phone assist. I settled on about 3 1/8-3 1/4 inch sag. The chain adjustment from before the link change worked out as is, but I am very particular about chain maintenance, so it is kept track of. (I have been through three rear tires and two fronts on my road bike, and have finally needed to adjust the chain the first time after 9.5K miles. I treat the WR the same way.)

Results: I took a "lap" on my favorite woods roads and some rough stuff where I already know how the bike handled before. It is an entirely different motorcycle with the link and suspension changes. Strangely, the seat even feels better, but I may just be getting numb. It happens to old goats.

Next up is a gearing and tire change, with a speedo recalibrator.

I would endorse your product to anyone. Your product and service are outstanding. I've been a rider since the late 60's and I know quality when I find it. Keep up the good work. If anything else I get needs a link, you'll be getting a call.

Thanks again.