Friday, October 3, 2008

With the postal service, NO means YES

Actual email to YamaLink WRF customer who asked for "no signature delivery" because she'd be at work; she was sent an Express package instead of the usual priority mail. No problemo, we told her, we'll triple check and make sure the USPS delivers it quickly and without a signature. Um, here is our email to her moments ago - almost apologizing yet somewhat peeved at the mail folk - when we read online that, well, you'll get the picture.....

I check "no signature required" and told the postal clerk "no signature" and she told me "it won't require a signature" and I (I'm running out of breath) write "no signature required" on the outside. Having said that, I see they left a notice at your home for a signature.

Did they actually require a signature after all that????

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ThumperTalk is down, Thumper Talk is down

I bet the dirt bike online community is beside itself. As of 7:30am MST today, has been out of service. How in the heck will all the anonymous trolls and flamers get through the day without secretly belitting someone's choice of bike, gear or political affiliation?? In all seriousness, 99% of TT members are healthy contributors, but it's that 1% in any group, what with their whacky and emotionally charged perspectives that sometimes makes the day pass a little quicker for us who didn't eat paint chips while growing up.

Yamaha riders are always right

Jamie from the great Northwest placed a WRF YamaLink order yesterday for an 07, but he was hesitant. For a month! Why?

On our WRF order form we had the 2007 (his bike) grouped with the 05 and 06 for no reason other than, at the time, it was how our grubby little hands wrote the HTML on the page.

As 07 owners know, the 07 has an aluminum frame like the 08 and 09 (which were grouped together, separate from the 07). Without saying we did anything "wrong," Jamie's input was a wake-up call to make the quick change to the order form so that the 07 is grouped with the 08 and 09. Nothing earth shattering, but if one rider/customer hesitates then you know others will, too.