Thursday, October 3, 2013

Motocross the WR250R!

One of our dealers writes "I have a guy that wants to do the Yamalink for his WR250R and he plans to ride the bike to the motocross track occasionally and ride there. Would there be any issues with the Yamalink if he's jumping the bike?"

No different than any other bike with our other YamaLinks. Just need to be properly sprung and have sag set correctly for the bike to handle properly. The YamaLink is strong enough (one local guy does 100 mile desert races through the gnarly whoops and ditches) and the WR250R is strong enough.

Does the YamaLink fit the 2007 WR250F? It does.

We had a kind gentleman YamaLink customer claim his 2007 WR250F did not fit the YamaLink. We asked if he read the instructions because we knew what he did NOT do when saying there was a big gap in the bearings: he did not read the instructions. At least he admitted it.

It's happened once before, but the WR250 customer laughed it off when he realized within seconds that actually reading the included install guide would help.

We read your claim that the 2007-2011 WR250F YamaLink did not fit. We replied, basically stating we presume you did not read the instructions, and after our phone conversation where you stated you indeed did NOT read the instructions before filing your claim we know for a fact there is about a 16mm gap in your bearings, hence the not fitting issue. I will copy/paste the section of your included installation instructions which which will help your YamaLink fit:

2. Pick up the stock rocker. Stick a finger in the 2 main pivots & pull out the metal bushings & pivot pins. Insert into the YamaLink. Be careful no needle bearings pop out. Everything should “snap” straight into place.

After you have done that please take the time to read the other part of the written instructions about resetting sag and being properly sprung. If you do not choose to read these instructions your YamaLink will wallow, bottom and understeer.

Thank you, and please feel free to cancel your dispute over the YamaLink not fitting because we know for a fact it does fit. Additional assistance is just a phone call away (please leave a message unlike your previous attempts) or reply to this email or the one you received last week regarding shipping information.