Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2015 and 2016 YZ250FX lowering link kit by YamaLink

Two versions. The Trail and a YamaLink RACE. Read more about both by clicking HERE.

YZ450FX suspension lowering link by YamaLink.com

You knew it was gonna happen, and thankfully the bike just rips (but it's too tall)! Only $150 and it comes with a grease fitting! Click HERE

Snowbike Fork Bottoming Kit

"Snowbike fork bottoming out!" That's the #1 Google result for snowbike suspension...or lack of. Anyone who rides aggressively cringes when launching even a mid-size jump because the landing is gonna feel like you came up short on a SX triple aboard a Harley cruiser. Raise your hand if you know a snowbike rider who bottomed so hard they bent the lower fork tubes. Yep, thought so.

Your snowbike fork bottoming drama has been answered. Read more about the new AirPro Fork bottoming kit. Click HERE