Monday, June 16, 2014

Can you lower a WR250F two inches? No

Yamaha WR250F rider writes "Hello, trying to lower my 2006 yamaha wr250f by 2". I need to know what part number to order."

Our answer: "The WR250F can be lowered 1.5". More info can be found by clicking HERE

Helping Stace lower the WR250R properly

"Hello, I’ve installed the Yamalink on my WR250R and honestly I didn’t notice ANY change in seat height. I’m not happy with the part, as I can still barely touch the ground on the bike and I should be at a height of 35” by now. The part has been used for a couple days and is undamaged but is there a way that I can return it for a refund? Thank you for your time, stace"

Our reply: Stace, The YamaLink gives an actual 1" lowering in seat height, and combined with the stock factory lowering you get 2" total. Have you done the factory lowering per this tutorial (doesn't take an hour, maybe 15 minutes):

Stace writes back: Dan I guess I didn't lower it correctly. .. just softened up the suspension enough so that it would squish down with my weight. With regards to the linked instructions: to lower the seat height, I ultimately want to unscrew the lower shock bracket that the bolt goes through, correct? How much do I unscrew it to reach maximum safety standard? It's not a 1:1 ratio right?

Our final feedback: "Hi. After you take the bolt and nut off, the lower shock block will screw UP toward your black rebound knob. It goes all the way UP until just before the lock nut makes contact with the rebound knob. If you make contact with the rebound knob the knob will not turn. The fewer threads you see between the black rebound knob and the lock nut = more lowering."

Jesse ordered a WR250R/WR250X YamaLink for his WR250F....bad idea

Jesse writes " Yamalink, I ordered a yamalink for my 2013 wr250 and there is no way the pin will fit inside the bearings. The site stated it was made for my year. The youtube video shows it sliding right in. Any suggestions?

Our reply: Let's pretend you confirmed your WR250 is indeed an R or X. By chance is a needle bearing lifting from the opposite bearing when you try to pass the pivot pin through? We pre-greased your YamaLink bearings, but maybe when you took the plastic bearing plugs out a needle bearing became dislodged or moved. Please check to make sure no needle bearing came out with the plastic plug when it was removed to insert the factory pin. If all needle bearings are in the bearing cage then go back to our suggestion of making sure a needle bearing doesn't pop up when passing the pin through.

Jesse writes back: "I have a 2013 wr250f. So Did I order the wrong one? If so can I exchange it?"

We knew it. Our reply: Sure, no problem. Return the WR250R/X YamaLink and purchase a WR250F lowering link.

2004 WR450F lowering and then resetting sag

Hi the Yamalink arrived safe today. I ride my 2004 WR450F on the road with supermoto wheels in it to work each day with it being use on the public road will I still need to re-set the sag on it? If so could you tell me the proper settings for the road I weight 159 pounds with gear. Many thanks.

Our reply: Yes, sag needs to be reset. The included written instructions sent with your YamaLink has the sag range options including fork height recommendations and fine tuning the rebound and compression.

Glenn's WR250R WR250X stock lowering 1", it's stuck?

Hi... I've read and re-read all I can find on the subject. I installed the yamalink no problem but when it came time to raise the stock block, I couldnt. I screwed the big nut up towards the knob adjuster and when I tried turning the clevis everything turned with it and it was very tight. Is the threaded shaft supposed to turn too or maybe it's stuck in the block with lock-tight? The clevis, the shaft, the knob and the upper cylinder with two flat edges, everything turns together??? Thanks in advance for your help!

The clevis turns UP after you loosen the big nut and spin that up. Sounds like you have the steps correctly. Your clevis is just super tight it seems. If you haven't seen this tutorial it's a good one:

Ron's 2005 WR450F lowering question and fork height

Ron writes "I see you have a product that will lower the rear of my WR450 by 1.5 inches. The front needs to be lowered as well, but I don’t see any comment on how to do this on your website. I judge that I can move the fork tubes up about 1/2-inch, but this won’t be enough, I think. Ron"

Our reply: Ron, Hello. There is no 1:1 ratio of rear vs front lowering. And as you stated there is not enough room to raise the forks in the clamps 1.5 inches anyway. Each YamaLink comes with instructions covering everything from resetting rear sag, proper spring rate increase for the YamaLink, rebound and compression fine tuning and the aforementioned fork height adjustment.