Saturday, July 12, 2008

yamaha lowering link install video complete WR YZF

Monkey Flip Productions just finished our WRF, YZ and YZF 125, 250, 426 and 450 YamaLink install video.

Click HERE to view the footage.

Thanks to Steve and everyone who helped on the video!

where is the Yamaha WR250X??

Head hurts. Remember we went to a party last night. Woke up. Head hurts bad. And where the heck is our Yamaha WR250X??? Not stolen, but one of our so-called friends "borrowed" it without asking. Guess that's what happens when you pass out before anyone else.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

WR250X versus a 180hp Suzuki Hayabusa. Guess who won.

While we don't condone street racing or breaking the speed limit or wearing sandals with socks or drunk dialing....

We just witnessed a ballsy WR250X rider try to outgun a Hayabusa in a drag race! The Suzuki rider had his head cranked to the left wondering "what is that little moped doing" before twisting his throttle just a tad. Gone.

But you've gotta give it up to the 250X pilot for toeing the line against one of the baddest bikes on the planet. It'd be like me trying to make Forest Griffin tapout.

yamaha lowering link and UPS

UPS is making a pitch to YamaLink in hopes we use Big Brown for overseas orders. They admitted it's difficult to beat for domestic shipping....and we have a feeling they're going to be surprised how well usps does with their International Express; $24 and you get shipping and tracking and insurance.

But usps doesn't do so well with large(r) orders to a few countries. They've actually returned a big box to us 3 weeks later because they sent the YamaLinks to Ireland instead of Iceland. So UPS was called up. Unfortunately it cost almost $200. Maybe the UPS corporate sales team can give us a way better deal.

yamaha lowering links and a new logo

Exciting, exciting! Our new YamaLink logo is almost complete. The designer used to work for a shoe company hq'd out of the Portland, Oregon, area. To say she's got da mad design skillz is like saying Martha Stewart is pretentious.

How'd we land a designer with her skillset? Heck, it's not like we have the coin to hire someone of her caliber: she is the relative of a friend's sister whom we met at a BBQ. What would take us weeks or forever to do, she came up with via doodle on a leftover Easter-themed napkin!

"How about something like this," she asked while holding up the drawing.

Swoosh, that's it!

yamaha lowering link....we're not in Camden!!

Today we were supposed to be headed to Camden, New Jersey, one of the nation's most dangerous cities.

Thankfully the trip was canceled. Now I'm sure Camden is a great place, and more than likely we would not have been murdered on the way to the dealership. We think.

Alas, a YamaLink for an 05 WR is headed to a nicer part of the Garden State via priority mail. Waldwick, NJ, is a beautiful area (we're just pulling that part out of your butts cuz we haven't been back to NJ since our overnighter in Elizabeth...whew).

yamaha lowering link magazine pic

This comes from a magazine test on the WR250R/X Yamaha lowering link. It'll be out in the September and November issues. Notice the blue chain (goes with the bike's blue sprocket). As the test reviewer told us, "it's pretty schmick."

yamaha lowering links and Monkey Flip Productions

Monkey Flips Productions is producing another kickass (can we say that on blogger?) install video, this time for the WR F dirt model YamaLink. Steve will receive the rocker in a few days and work his magic. Riders are telling us it is taking them about 10 minutes to install, but the videos are such a hit...and Steve picks out really good music that don't cross that weird line of old TV show stuff like CHiPs or Charlie's Angels.

We'll post it on the main site when things are complete. Woo hoo (we said that in Erik Estrada's voice, btw).