Friday, May 25, 2012

Jesse's girlfriend's Yamaha TTR230 lowering link question

Aussie rider Jesse writes "My girlfriend has a ttr230, she doesn’t feel comfortable with the height & wants it lowered. I need to confirm your lowering link will do the job, & if adjusting the sag etc is going to be necessary. Also this link would do the rear of the bike? Would you recommend bringing the forks up half an inch in the triple clamps to balance the lowering? We are in Australia, can’t seem to find this part anywhere else, and are very keen on purchasing if it will do the job."

Our reply: If your TTR230 is 2005 or newer the YamaLink will do the job. We recommend sliding the forks UP in the triple clamps 10mm and then adjust up or down a few millimeters either way for your girlfriend's personal preference.

Travis' 2002 2003 2004 YZ250 lowering link kit YamaLink question

Travis owns a 2002-2004 YZ and writes "I got the link super fast and the install was a piece of cake. I'm on a 250 and I was only able to raise the forks maybe 5mm until it was close to the bars. I got the sag set and haven't been out for a test run yet cause I wanted some advice first. If I need more steering input is there anything I can do to the front shock set up to compensate for the lower rear? That way when I'm in the trails I can do some trial and error. Also I weigh 155."

Our reply: There is no 1:1 ratio of fork & rear change. Five millimeter may be more than you actually need. Raising the forks is not for lowering the front end, per say, it is more to "balance" the geometry. I'd set your sag at 94mm and turn the high-speed compression (the big knob) in clockwise 1/4 turn. Also turn your rebound in 1 or 2 clicks. Simply follow the instructions.

How to lower suspension 2012 WR450 WR450F YamaLink

The most asked question the past few months, "do you make a suspension lowering kit link for the 2012 WR450F?"

Yes, we do make a YamaLink for the new Yamaha WR450

Will's 1998-2001 YZ250F YZ400 YZ426 lowering kit spring rate

In response to Will's question about spring rates for his Yamaha YZF and using a lowering kit: "Be sure to factor in the YamaLink's extra 10% leverage into your weight. Example: If you are 200 pounds get a spring for a 220 rider, etc. If you are in-between spring sizes go for the heavier one with a YamaLink."

Stefan's 2011 YZ450F suspension lowering kit for woods riding and racing

Stefan writes..... I bought a 2011 yz450f and I'm setting it up for the woods.  The front end feels too busy and I want to make it turn slower and more stable.  I'm 210lbs "C" class enduro rider.  Which link would you suggest to make things more stable?  I'm not concerned about buying a new rear spring as well since I'm borderline too heavy for the stock one now.  I am 6'2" so I'm also not concerned about lowering seat height as much as mellowing out the light front end feeling.

As you know stock is 5.7 kg/mm and at 210 pounds before gear it is recommended you use a 5.8 kg/mm.
I'd get that 5.8 kg. The YamaLink I'd recommend is the RACE version, NOT the 1.5 inch version: