Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Military discount and Yamaha lowering links?

I recently had my suspension setup for my weight and all that jazz but was told to purchase a lowering link for optimal performance. I like the looks of your products so I think I'm going to pull the trigger on one of them. Before I do so I'm curious if you have a military discount. Please let me know asap. Thank you!

Depending on what Yamaha you have the spring rate may need to be changed AGAIN to accommodate the YamaLink's extra leverage: CLICK HERE

We do not have a military discount program.

Colorado rider Randy's question about lowering his 2002 WR426

I am trying to order the lowering links. My issue is on the sight it shows 98 to 01 is the 426F then 02 to 04 doesn’t show the F designation for the 426. I want to ensure I order the correct one since it appears to possibly 2 different links. Could you tell me for sure which one I need to order so I get the right one. I live in Colorado and hope to have it this week so I can install it Saturday.

Hello. The only WR426 Yamaha makes is the WR426F, and there is only one YamaLink for the 426. We have changed the website to reflect the F model designation; hopefully this addresses any confusion our website may have caused.

Stuart's question about WR lowering links, are they all the same?

Hi.. Does the lowering kit fit all WR’S

Stuart, No. It depends on the year of WR and if it's a WRF, WRX or WRR. All info found on our page regarding which specific YamaLink fits which WR.

Martin wants to know if he can un-lower his 2008 WR250X

I have a Yamaha WR250X 2008 and I try to do the opposite, ie raise the seat 2 to 3 in. Is this possible? Thank you!


Question about Wr250R and WR250X YamaLink bearing grease

"Hi, what type of grease do you use on the YamaLink lowering kit?"

We use a moly bearing grease.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 YZ450F (M) with electric start

Maybe we're late to the party and it's old news, but the works Yamaha YZ450 was sporting electric start at this weekend's GP in Qatar. Nonetheless we posted about the surprise - at least it's a surprise to us - at