Friday, December 20, 2013

Mark asks about lowering links and should he get one for his Yamaha TTR230?

I’ve read so much online about lower bikes…don’t do it…it’s fine. Just a little worried, but I may give it a shot.

Lowering links are not for everyone. The #1 demographic who don't get along with lowering links are riders labeled as "bolt-on artists" who can't read the instructions and completely bypass the resetting of sag (usually they don't even know how to set sag on a bike in the first place), doesn't properly spring his bike for the extra leverage or raise the fork tubes to decrease understeer or follow basic suspension guidelines. Those riders have bikes that wallow, bottom easily or won't turn.

It's like buying a pair of shoes and not tying the laces, and wondering why you can't run very far before tripping or having a shoe fling off. Easiest to blame the shoe (online in a forum where everyone is an expert), not the shoe wearer.

San Diego WR250 rider asks about installing his YamaLink

Questions: Cost for lowering link, who installs in San Diego,CA., how much lowers can i go please?

Hi. The cost and lowering amount is on the WRF page. Complete info: Click HERE

As for who installs it in San Diego. You can or any shop can. We have an install video on the page and the written installation instructions are very simple. Install + reset sag and fine tune.

Bobby's 2014 Yamaha YZ250 lowering link question

2014 YZF250 rider Bobby had a question about the YamaLink Race (the 1 inch kit) and the 1.5" YamaLink, and using it with the stock spring versus a heavier spring rate to achieve proper sag.

"I weigh 215 and am 5.4. At 57 years old I really like the 1.5 lower option, but just wanted your opinion, if with my weight the 1" option might work better. Any thoughts and Thank you for your response."

At 215 pounds without gear you need a much heavier spring with the stock setup. Add a YamaLink and the extra leverage requires an even heavier spring.

The stock spring is made for a 160 pound rider to achieve proper sag of approximately 100mm.

Without YamaLink: get spring rate for 215 pound rider.

With YamaLink: get spring rate for 240 pound rider.