Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yamaha WR250R lowering shipping question

Another non-exciting Yamaha WR lowering link shipping question? Of course (5 riders have asked in the past 2 days so we figured.....).

Question: How much do you charge for overseas shipping, and do you charge extra above and beyond what your carrier charges?

Answer: $26.63 US is the actual cost of express international. It's the fastest
method. We do not charge one extra cent for "handling." Just actual
delivery. We used to ship via the $12 method but it took twice as long, and several packages were "lost" in the hands of curious customs officials who also had a side hobby of selling items that were "lost" in customs. Uh huh.

Express shipping tells overseas customs "hey, at least two people are watching this so don't stick it on your local classified ad or give it as a gift to your cousin MushMush.