Thursday, August 7, 2014

What spring for 200 pound WR450F rider with YamaLink?

Good phone conversation with a 2008 WR450F YamaLink customer. He weighs 200 pounds withOUT gear. The stock spring for the 08 WR450 is a 5.8kg. At his weight - before a YamaLink - he needs a 5.8kg. And with a YamaLink he needs a 6.2 kg spring in order to achieve proper sag range and balanced handling. Without proper sag and spring rate the Yamaha will bottom, understeer, ride harshly on the small bumps and feel like a chopper. That is why our website and instructions emphasize resetting sag AND being properly resprung for rider weight plus the YamaLink.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Another YZ426 lowering link spring rate question

Today's question comes from a 190 pound rider (before gear) on a YZ426F. Stock spring is a 5.4kg and at 190 before gear we recommend a 6.0 kg for proper race sag and balanced handling.