Monday, May 20, 2013

Leo's 2010 WR250F spring rate YamaLink lowering option

Leo writes "Being a newbie to dirt bikes, and I’m struggling with the height of my WR250F. I’m 77kgs - 5ft7 & can only put a toe on the ground when sitting on my bike."

You definitely need a heavier spring. Stock is a 4.7kg and we recommend 5.3kg for your weight and a YamaLink.

Shipping cost Australia for YamaLink YZ YZF WR?

We've received plenty of inquiries lately regarding shipping costs to Australia. Here are the two shipping options: Click HERE

What spring rate for Miguel's 2011 WR250F with YamaLink

Miguel weighs 78kg before gear. He wants to know what spring rate to use with the YamaLink kit.

Answer: 5.4 kg spring and you must reset sag.

Emilia's 2008 Wr250F Yamaha lowering YamaLink

Emilia asks if there are 1 or 2 YamaLinks required for her 08 WR250F.

Answer: You only need one - HERE