Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thumper Talk WR250 forum gone awry

A ThumperTalk forum member is having a few issues with the yamaha WR lowering link install, and as usual, other WR250R and WR250X riders are helping out with written comments and directing him toward our YouTube install video. And that's when things get odd/wrong/funny. Somehow we went from helpful and concise to hilarious and sarcastic. Sweet.

Yamaha WR fork question

Today's yamaha lowering link question comes from the far reaches of Australia....

Q: Quick question if you don't mind, is it absolutely necessary to lower the front? What would be the side effects of not doing this?

A: Okay, let's assume your stock sag is properly set for your weight right now at 3.9 to 4.1 inches (99mm to 104mm). Then you add the YamaLink.....the instructions read to reset sag at factory spec of 99 to 104mm for maximum lowering. If you do NOT reset sag and just install the YamaLink you will have too much sag in the back.

Which leads us to your fork question. If you do nothing to the fork your bike will turn very very slowly because the rear will be much lower than the front. Yes, it will be super stable, but it will ride like a chopper. So after resetting sag with the YamaLink slide the forks UP in the triple clamps, starting at approximate 6mm. Adjust until your Yamaha turns nicely yet does not headshake and it is still stable
but doesn't turn slowly.

Doing the forks takes just a few minutes. Retorque triple clamp bolts and you're done.

Monday, November 17, 2008

overseas orders shipping to US address issue

A lot of times we get orders from overseas and they want it shipped to their dad's house; example: student studying overseas coming home for the holidays. But if their non-us credit card's billing address doesn't agree with paypal or the credit card company, it can be a hassle to complete the order. But we have a way around that. Here is our reply to someone from Poland wanting a Yamalink yamaha lowering link shipped to Connecticut.

Whoa, that is odd. We get orders from all over the world.
By chance is your credit card near expiration or is it over limit?
Wait, I know: the credit card billing and shipping address is different.

So pay with your credit card and enter your billing info, and then we will
ship to Connecticut at the address you gave us in your name. And if you have
to choose $12 shipping because it's a Poland address, we will refund the $7
difference because it's only $5 shipping to CT.