Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dan's 2012 WR450F lowering and fork height question with YamaLink

I understand that your link will lower the rear of the bike 1.5 inches, need to reset sag, re-spring, etc. With the rear lowered do you recommend moving the front forks up an equivalent distance in order to retain good steering geometry? I don’t anticipate a re-spring of the shock, since i’m significantly lighter than the typical 160 lb rider (145 lb).

Our reply: The 2012 WR450F YamaLink comes with super easy to follow instructions that cover everything from fork height adjustments to rebound & compression fine tuning in addition to the resetting of sag.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Richard's 2014 WR450F lowering and spring for 130 pound rider

I got my yamalink today thanks for the fast shipment. I am a smaller 130lb rider with a 2014 wr450 do you think I should re-spring? The directions are clear for 160lb and up but I am not sure about being 30lbs less factor. Stock spring seems heavy enough even with the 10% leverage increase. Could you clarify?

At 130 pounds I would stick with the stock spring. But reset sag at 100mm and if that is too soft set it at 96mm. Then follow instructions for the high-speed compression and rebound fine tuning of the rear shock. Then raise the fork tubes UP a few millimeters based on where your final rear sag setting is.

2001 YZ250F lowering vs 2002 YZ250F lowering

I have an 01 YZ250F and I want to order a lowering link. The problem is the ranges are 1998-01 and 2002-04. I thought the 01 and 02 YZ250F were practically the same bike. Which one should I order?

The 98-01 YamaLink is different than the 02-04. If you have a 2001 then order the 98-01, NOT the 02+ newer.