Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yamaha TTR125 lowering link, YamaLink?

Two questions this week about the TTR125 lowering link. Do we make one? No we do not. I'd say YamaLink gets less than 5 requests for a TTR125 suspension link per year. It'd be a very expensive YamaLink based on labor and the amount of seals and bearings.

Rafael's 2008 YZ450 lowering link fit his son's 2004 YZ125 YamaLink?

Rafael asks "My question was if the Yamalink wishbone out of the 2008 yz450f will fit the 2004 yz125 (steel frame)?"

Our reply: No it is different.

Monday, December 10, 2012 member Jeff and his Yamaha WR lowering link email

Jeff writes "I actually heard about you guys on the ThumperTalk site looking for info on this bike since i just bought one last week. I have a fairly short inseam (30") and i wasn't comfortable straddling the bike on my toe nails. The youtube video makes it look pretty simple to install and i look forward to getting it. Anyway, i weigh 175 lbs so i think i can probably keep the stock spring and just adjust the sag to approx 100 mm, correct? If all goes as planned i will definitely recommend your product to my fellow co-workers here at Parts Canada."

Our reply: At 175 pounds your WRF will be too soft at 100mm. You're on the border of needing a heavier spring, but I would first try setting the race sag at 94-90mm and going in on the high-speed compression. We walk you through this in the instructions that come with the YamaLink. If you find it's bottoming or too plush then it'd be time for a heavier spring. Get one for a 200 pound rider and that would allow you to set race sag closer to 100mm if you so desired.