Monday, October 11, 2010

Yamaha YZ lowering email of the day

From our Yamaha YZ 250 lowering link rider up North.....

Installed your product this weekend. Very nice fit and finish.

Bike was originally set up to run GNCC by a friend of mine - he was lured away from the Yamaha by a KTM with E start so he never really got to race it.

He'd spent a fair amount of effort on the suspension - sent everything off
to LGS for a revalve and respring. He's about 10 lbs lighter than I am and 2 inches longer in the legs.

Installed the Link and the Bike sank out of sight - reset the sag, 30mm
static - 100 race this bounced the bike back up a little but it now fits
great - no more looking for a tree to kickstart or doing the big leanover -
Trail tech kickstand still works fine.

The original set up of the bike although fine for him was beating the hell
out of me - kicking horse rear and washing out fluttery front, constant
struggle to keep from breaking over on tight turns.

The YamaLink took a race suspension set up for fairly hardcore competitive rider and civilized it nicely.

Forks were slid up 8mm - I now have a nice tracking highly compliant woods bike. Front sticks hard and the first to break loose is the rear. I think
I'll be able to improve the rear with a little air pressure drop in the tire
and more prudent throttle control.

All in all, great product - thank you very much.