Thursday, August 29, 2013

Air Pro Fork Yamaha YZ 125 and YZ 250 no touch fork bleeders

Air Pro Fork bleeders for the Yamaha YZ 125 and YZ 250. Fits years 2005 to 2014: click HERE

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Graham asks if we make a 1996 YZ125 YamaLink lowering kit

Hi , can you supply a lower link for a yz 125 1996 model, thanks graham

We do not.

Damien did not read his 2007 WR450 lowering installation instructions

hi,I purchased the above item on 29/5/2013.I removed the existing link on my bike and found the diameter of the bolts at 16mm. The link you have sent me has a hole size of 32mm. The bolts will certainly not fit. The lowering link you have supplied is no practical. Could you explain whats happened,as I did request a link for the above model?

Did you read the included instructions and put your stock pivot bolts and bushings into the YamaLink? If you do the bolts will fit:

Pick up the stock rocker. Stick a finger in the 2 main pivots & pull out the metal bushings & pivot pins. Insert into the YamaLink. Be careful no needle bearings pop out. Everything should “snap” straight into place.

If you did not read the instructions (which he did not at first) and did not put the stock pivot bolts and metal bushings into the YamaLink there will be a gigantic gap and slop.

Dave asks if we make a Yamaha TTR250 lowering link

Hi would you have a lowering linkage to fit a 2004 TTR250?


Richard wants to know about the 2005 and 2006 Yamaha WR250F lowering with the YamaLink

I am in the UK and have been offered one of your links (which are rare over here) for a wr250f but the seller does not know the year of the bike it was for. I run a 05/06 wr250f and note from your site that various model years have a different add to basket buttons. Can I ask if there is any way of identifying the year the link is for and are the differences significant?

They look the same, but the difference is in the bearings, seals and pivots. You could take out your stock rocker (what the YamaLink is called) and pull out the pivot pin with your finger and insert it into the used YamaLink.

Phil asks about his Yamaha lowering YamaLink installation

Question of the day: I just received my Yamalink. It already has the bearings in there as well as plastic end caps. Do I replace those plastic end caps with the metal ones that are on the original rocker or just leave them in place and just insert the metal bushing and reassemble?

*And then Phil read the included instructions..... You can disregard my previous email. I’m an idiot and figured it out. Thanks, can’t wait to try it out.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yep, we make a four stroke/2004 YZ250F YamaLink lowering kit

Your site only lists a YZ 250 2 stroke for the lowering link. Am I correct to assume that the 4 stroke is different and you don't make one ? (I have an 04YZ250F)

Our site DOES list a YZ four stroke YamaLink. Click HERE

Is there a TTR125L Yamaha lowering link from YamaLink?

Do you have or could you make a lowering link for the TT-R125L?


Does the 2004 WR250 YamaLink fit the 2005 WR250F lowering suspension?

Question of the week: Hi, I just paid for a wrf 04 lowering link forgetting that my bike is an 05. It has been dispatched. Will it still fit? Can i swap it if it doesn't?

The 2004 YamaLink will NOT fit the 2005. You can swap but will have to pay for shipping.

Is the lowering link for the WR250R different than the suspension link for the WR250F?

Question of the day: Do you guys offer a lowering link for a 2013 WR 250R that is different from a W250F?

YES. It's on our website, two very different YamaLinks for two very different bikes.

We do not make a 2006 Yamaha XT225 YamaLink lowering

Even though our website and phone message clearly states "every YamaLink we make is listed on our website...if you don't see it we don't make it" we still get emails and phone calls (on the same day from the same person!) like "Do you make a lowering link for a 2006 Yamaha XT225?"