Saturday, December 8, 2012

Yamaha YZ450 lowering YamaLink questions

Yamaha YZ450 rider Brian had just a few more questions:

are the bearings already greased?
what kind of grease do you guys use/recommend for the linkage?
there's a grease fitting on your "dog bone" that I bought from you.
what's the best type of re-packable grease gun/fitting should be used for this?

Our reply: Everything is pre-greased. We use a moly-based grease. Any grease gun should work.

3 day delivery for Jason's 2002 2003 2004 YZF suspension YamaLink lowering

That was fast! I received the link today. Already have it installed. It works perfectly. Just sending a msg to compliment your company. Excellent product, fast shipping and great communication. Thank you. Jason

Brian's question about his YZ450 YamaLink lowering

Brian writes "When installed, does the link I purchased create an additional 1 1/2 inches of sag?"

Our reply "Important! Your YZF must be properly sprung for the extra 10% YamaLink leverage + rider weight AND you MUST RESET SAG otherwise the bike will be too soft (stock spring limit of about 170 pounds/77kg)! For more aggressive riding we recommend setting sag around 94-90mm. Lighter riders are RESETTING sag to 3.9 in/100mm for maximum lowering."