Saturday, September 5, 2009

2010 Yamaha WR250F

Here's the glamour shot of the 2010 Yamaha WR250F.

Yamaha WR lowering question of the day

Yamaha WR lowering question of the day:

Question: I got the YamaLink installed without much issue this evening. I am wondering how this link lowers my seat height as it looks like the same link as the original except for the lack of the notch for the back bolt to keep it from spinning (hence you instructions) to use the vise grips... Can you give me a 50,000 foot overview of how your link lowers my bike?

Reply: The YamaLink looks almost identical to the oem connecting rod save for the
bolt-stop you mentioned.

Your WR250, like most linkage bikes, has an approximate 3:1 ratio. When designing the lowering link we knew for a fact that the bike could not go more than 2 inches total in the rear: both for safety and proper handling. Your WR has the .9 inch oem lowering option so we had to come up with the other portion of the lowering. Prototype after prototype was built and we came up with what you put on - a lowering link that is x-amount LONGER than the stock rod.

x-amount multiplied by 3 gives you the increased leverage (better small bump absorption and traction), lower center of gravity (better turning) and lower
seat height which stays within the performance and safety parameters we tested for. We decided on the longer link amount to the millimeter.