Friday, November 4, 2011

WR250X WR250R lowering link grease nipple question

Mark asks...."I see there is a grease nipple on it, do I have to put grease in there before using?"

Our reply: We pack in a lot of grease before shipping each YamaLink, but it never hurts to put more
in. Be careful no needle bearings pop out if you decide to toss a little
more in. But if you don't have any grease it's fine: our testing shows the
grease we put in lasts a minimum of 2 years!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ben's Yamaha WRF sag and fork height after lowering link YamaLink

Ben asks.... "I have successfully installed the YamaLink. Set the sag to 4 inches. Dropped the triple tree by 6mm. Rear shock springs 6kg. I weigh 100kg. After an off road ride, I found the front wheel to be sliding sideways when going into a turn / corner. I soften the compression and rebound by 2 clicks from original. Should I reduce the drop to 4mm rather than 6mm. On the day of the ride, ground was hard packed soil and was running 14psi on both tyre. Any advice?"

Our advice: By sliding do you mean oversteering or understeering?

If it is oversteering I would go 4mm.
If it is understeering I would go 6mm.

Jeff's spring rate for his Yamaha WR250 lowering link

Jeff writes "Hello. I am wondering if the suspension is too stiff for me. I am 5'6" and around 140lbs. What would you recommend for spring rates and sag for someone like me. I ride on the road but I bought the bike more for the bush then road so my concern is getting it lower (yamalink and stock settings are as low as they get now) to the ground.

Any thoughts/tips are appreciated. Thanks Jeff

Our reply: Jeff,

If you have the stock spring rates on the Yamaha and then put the YamaLink on and reset sag, things should be spot on! But resetting sag is #1 most important.