Friday, October 26, 2012

Michael asks: Do you make a 2000 YZ125 lowering link kit?

We do: Click HERE

Eric's 2010 YZ250F supermoto Yamaha lowering suspension with YamaLink

Question: Hi, I'm setting up my 2010 YZ250F for supermoto and was wondering which lowering link you recommend?

Answer: It's purely personal. Most lightweight 'moto riders go for the 1.5 inch YamaLink since the extra leverage allows them to properly utilize the stock spring's recommended sag settings. But heavier riders may find the 1.5 wallows too much, thus the 1 inch YamaLink option.

Aaron has question about WR250R lowering. Three or four inches??

Hi, can you lower the Yamaha WR250R about 3 or 4 inches?

Aaron, Hi. We don't know of any way to lower the WR250R the 3 or 4 inches you seek; it would destroy the bike's handling and balance if that were possible, anyway. We could've lowered the WR250 more, but extensive testing told us that 2 inches in the rear was the maximum & still get a balanced ride up front. More than 2" (1" from factory lowering & 1" from YamaLink) makes the WR250 ride like a chopper.

Chris from Australia has lowering link shock setup question WR426

Yamalink works great. Lowered a fair bit and now i can handle the wr426 a lot better. Brought front forks up 3mm and its tops. Only thing is the suspension is a tad soft now. I did notice that you say to get a 10% heavier spring to account for this but im finding it difficult to read the sprig rates. Can you give me a hand in selecting a spring? I have no issues installing it myself.

Our reply: Set your race sag to 94mm - 90mm and turn the high speed compression knob in clockwise half a revolution. Don't even touch the flat blade. At 75kg (165 pounds) you are totally fine with the stock spring if the shock has not been revalved.

Rear spring rate for 2004 WR450F with YamaLink lowering

Our reply to a YamaLink customer about which spring rate for his 185 pound weight. Answer: A 2004 WR450F with a 205 pound rider weight (10% factored in) would get a 5.8 kg/mm spring.

Your dealer or any company like Race Tech, Factory Connection, etc. There are a handful online or mailorder who sells springs for pretty much every bike. If you're in between spring rates after figuring out body weight + 10% we recommend going for the higher spring rate. Example: you now need a 6.1 but the spring rates are only 6.0 and 6.2 kg/mm, get the 6.2 spring

How much to ship Kevin's YamaLink to Australia?

Hi can you please tell me the total cost of a lowering kit for my 2007 yamaha 250 wrf. Answer: Shipping costs for a Yamaha lowering link to Australia are HERE.

Do you make a 2006 YZ125 Yamaha lowering link?

But we do make two YamaLinks for that bike. Both are found on our website. One is HERE and the other is HERE.

How to turn Jeff's rear shock spring for the 2004 WR450 lowering link setup

Jeff from Nevada asked for some setup advice on his 2004 Yamaha WR450F suspension. Our reply.... "I always use my hand to turn the shock spring. One side of your bike will be easier than the other to slip your hands in. Make sure the threads are cleaned and maybe put some lube on the threads so the spring turns easier. One complete revolution is about 2mm. Six mm is .25 inches."

Where to buy a Yamaha lowering link in Spain? Here!

Great YamaLink distributor in Spain at