Monday, April 13, 2015

Frank's WR250X lowering with yamalink question

I just recently purchased a 2008 Yamaha wr250x and am looking to lower it to better accommodate my height. I am rather short at 5'7" and i have already added a lower seat and can now tippy toe the bike but I would like to lower it some more in hopes that I will be able to flat foot the bike.

My question is does your Yamalink work in conjunction with doing the stock rear lowering adjustment as well as the stock front lowering adjustments? Or should I just pick one method or the other? If it does work with the stock lowering adjustments do you have instructions on how to do so? I notice that your install video only shows how to install the YamaLink and that is it.

Our reply.....Frank, Hello. We made the YamaLink to work specifically with the stock lowering, and the instructions that come with it give suggestions for bike setup with and without stock lowering if you choose to use just the YamaLink, but about 99% use the stock lowering option, too.

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