Friday, November 23, 2012

What spring rate for 2012 WR450F with YamaLink lowering

Rider just called asking what spring rate for his 2012 WR450F Yamaha should he have? Weight before gear is 190 pounds. The stock spring is 5.3 kg/mm and at 190 he will put a 5.6kg and with a YamaLink he'll need a 5.8 spring to lowering his suspension with our link and have good sag measurements and bottoming control.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nathan wants to know if we make a Yamaha YZ85 lowering link

Jim writes "I have a 2007 yz85 that I need to lower for my son. Do you have a kit for that?"

We do not make a YamaLink for any year of YZ85.

Jim wants to know if we make a lowering link for his Yamaha TXZ 665 Tenere

Question: Do you sell a lowering kit for a 1991 Yamaha TXZ 665 Tenere?

No we do not. Every YamaLink we sell is on the website.....Truth be knownb, we've never even heard of that Yamaha!