Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ben's 2008 WR250F Yamaha lowering question

Ben writes "I have just installed the Yamalink on my 2008 WR250F, I have a question regarding settin the race sag. I weigh 65 kg / 10 stone 2 and I have adjusted the stock spring to give 99mm of race sag which leaves 39mm of static sag. I am guessing as I am a light rider less than 70 kg I will get away with the stock spring?

Do you think this sounds like a good setup or if maybe I should dial in a bit less sag? I have not altered compression / rebound."

That's a great question. Our reply is "Hi. With aftermarket linkages like a YamaLink the STATIC sag number is not relevant like it is with a stock suspension setup.

You just need to get RACE sag in the appropriate range based on spring rate THEN dial in compression and rebound.

At your weight I would recommend leaving the stock spring on. Riders at your weight on that bike dial in race sag anywhere from about 98mm to 102mm. And then they fine tune fork height a millimeter either way AFTER settling on their preferred race sag."

Monday, February 6, 2017

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Husky 701 supermoto lowering link video

Pretty good YouTube vid from Canada with comments on his Husky 701 supermoto Kouba Link: Click HERE

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

YZ250F lowering link able to lower YZ250 two stroke Yamaha?

Rider asks "I have a 2013 YZ250 two stroke and my buddy has a YZ250F RACE YamaLink. Will it fit or can I make it work with minor machining."

Our reply: Absolutely not. Two completely different bikes and no amount of machining will make it fit or work properly.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Alan weighs 200 pounds and wants to lower his 2004 YZ450F

I just purchased a 2004 YZ450F. I’m 5’8 and 200lbs with no gear. Can you send me a link for which lowering link I need to buy and also Which spring I need to purchase? Also, how do I lower the front? I want this bike as low as possible. Can I ride with the stock spring for a while? Any advice on setting sag with the stock spring?

Our reply: Absolutely not. That is a total disaster. The stock spring is too soft for 200 pounds and the leverage with the YamaLink makes it exponentially worse. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

John wants to lower a 2005 WR250F, what other parts are required?

John emails from his iphone "Can you send me pics and cost of hardware needs to lower 2005 WR 250F thx."

John, total cost for a 2005 WR250F YamaLink is $160 USD and that includes priority mail delivery in the US. Some riders need a heavier spring due to rider weight + YamaLink leverage. In addition to the information found on the WRF page - "We recommend a 15% heavier spring - unless you're a lightweight - due to extra leverage" - more info can be found HERE.

The 2005 WR250F is sprung from the factory for a 155 pound rider. We do not sell the springs. Dealers or online vendors are the usual sources.