Monday, March 17, 2014

Stuart's 2000 WR250F lowering amount, NOT the WR250R WR250X

Stuart writes "It lowers the WR 2 inches. Correct? As there is a few conflicting blogs on Thumper Talk."

You must be mistaking the 2008+ newer WR250R/X for the 2 inches. Your 2000 WR250F lowering is 1.5" when properly resprung and reset sag: Click for more info.

2008 WR250F lowering versus Yamaha 2006 YZ125 for Monique?

I have a yamalink on my 2008 wr250f. Will this same link fit a 2006 yz125? Also, I seem to remember when I got my link it was the ‘old’ style. (It does have grease zerks) Are the new ones the same lowering distance?

Our reply: Monique, The new ones have a completely different leverage ratio and lowers the rear 1.5 inches instead of 1.75 inches. We tested both on many local riders, and sent a few out to forum members, and the overwhelming consensus was the new YamaLink was head and shoulders better in plushness, controlled rebound, bigger hit capability and ease of setup with a wider range of sag.

The old and new will fit the same bike, but sag setup and compression + rebound are also completely different. Spring rates will also be different.

Girlfriend's 2004 WR250 lowering question from Australia

"Hi. I'm interested in purchasing a yamalink for my fianc├ęs bike. I have just a couple of questions before I commit? Does the yamalink come with bearings to suit or do you use the existing ones? Also how long would i expect to wait for the item to be posted to Australia? And last of all will it our bike is an 2004 model will the link definitely fit? Thank you very much."

Our reply: Joshua, Hello. The 2004 WR250F YamaLink comes with bearings and seals. We have the WRF in stock HERE

You have two shipping options which are HERE