Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yamaha WR 250 lowering post of the day

Too funny. Someone called us - and long story short - said the grease zerks we put in every YamaLink was not necessary because the factory bearings don't need one. Oh really? Factory bearings don't get dry? Have you torn apart a brand new bike? 99% of the time it is bone dry, no grease. And don't even tear apart a used bike. Better have something to catch the needle bearings that fall out in a big pile of dust.

We asked who told them a grease zerk was not needed. Guess who. A bike accessories company in California that does NOT have a convenient grease zerk in any of their products. YamaLink takes the time to put in a grease zerk. Our machinist has to drill it, tap it, we go buy the zerk and install the part.

There's more: We know for a fact the company that told the caller the false info has a lowering link (they were charging $225 until they realized that was a crazy price) that doesn't do what their ads promise: they claim 1 inch lowering. We measured. It's .25 inches. And still no grease zerk.