Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yamaha TTR lowering question of the day

From Jon...

"I just got the bike for my wife. It's a 2009 ttr230 and
the seat height is at about 34". She is 5'4" 130 lbs, and has an inseam of 30". Looks like your link will help with height and sag but I'm wondering what else I can do to drop the bike for her a bit more. So she can get both feet on the ground."

Our reply:

You'll want to raise the fork tubes UP in the triple clamps. The installation instructions will tell you how much; it's pretty simple to do.

The YamaLink's 1.5 inches is the most you should lower the rear if you want a balanced and even handling TTR230. After you raise the fork tubes up your wife will tell you if the bike is too slow turning or if it headshakes at speed. A few millimeters this way or that makes a big difference. There is no 1:1 lowering ratio of front vs rear because changes to rake/trail (the forks) affects your wife's TTR geometry at a different rate than changes to the rear lowering.

Some may tell you "ah, put more sag in the rear and your feet will be closer." Wrong idea. Yes, it's closer to the ground but you are using up too much net travel (total travel minus sag) and the bike will ride too harsh as the increased sag puts the leverage further into the shock's progression.

So install the YamaLink. Set sag. Raise forks up.